We’re all focused on the best eyeshadow palettes and the most luxurious hair conditioners but we forget to realise the importance of the tools we use to actually apply them!  

Today, I’m not here to talk about your typical tear-dropped beauty sponge, nor am I here to talk about 973 makeup brush shapes. I’m here to educate you on five fabulous, overlooked cosmetic tools and accessories that have been swept under the powdered rug and kept in the shadow of glow.

Are you ready for our hidden gems?

#1 Detangling Brushes

If you’re anything like me, I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for the most part of around five years. I’ve used every conditioner and serum under the sun but my unruly curls just can’t be tamed and my hair just becomes more and more brittle by the minute.

Ever since I started using detangling brushes, my hair looks so much healthier. They’re much more gentle on the hair and won’t pull or tug like regular brushes.

I love using my detangler on wet hair so that my hair dries a little closer to Hollywood-esque than poodle chic. Highly recommend!  

#2 Silicone Brush Cleaning Pad

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m not one to clean my makeup brushes on the reg. It’s just so tedious and time-consuming.

But this thing totally changed my life.

All you have to do is simply slide your fingers inside the pad and sweep your brushes back and forth along the grooves under warm water using a bit of shampoo or makeup cleaner.

Put on your favourite playlist whilst completing your cleaning ritual and it’ll feel a whole lot less like a chore and more like a dance party. Guaranteed.

#3 Silicone Blending Sponges

I already wrote an entire piece comparing these bad boys with regular beauty sponges so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Silicone sponges are more hygienic, blend like you wouldn’t believe, absorb less product and therefore, save you the much loved $$$.

Need I say more?

#4 Eyelash Applicators

Anyone who’s ever attempted to apply the dreaded false lashes knows what a task and a half it can be! You search all over the net for hours trying to find ways to make it easier and they all say the same thing – just use tweezers!

Sure, they do the job, but those corners just won’t stop curling up and before you know it, you have your tweezers in one hand, your lashes looking a hot mess and a bottle of wine in the other hand to cope with the stress of it all.

This eyelash applicator is shaped in such a way that will make certain that your false lashes fit snug along the lash line accurately. Phew!

#5 Bullet Blending Sponge

There’s so many brushes and sponges on the market for a variety of different things but let’s be honest, can everybody really be bothered to purchase all of them?

Fingers are way more convenient for getting into those hard to reach places, but they’re not exactly the best option. Unless, of course, you have this blending sponge.

Just slide this baby onto your finger and blend away! Now you can blend as you would with your usual blending sponge whilst ensuring that you’re getting into every little nook and cranny!

The control is now 100% yours, beauties!

Now go, run wild and discover the other hidden treasures!

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