Add some drama to your eyes


Add some drama to your eyes

LA Colors live and breathe style. Always in-the-know of what’s hot and trending, this on-trend brand design their products in the U.S.A in accordance with the freshest styles, concepts and designs so that you can always rock the latest in fashion at an affordable price.

To help us complete our eye looks in the ways of the beloved beauty guru, LA Colors have graced us with a wondrous range of false eyelashes appropriately titled the LA Colors Dramatilash.

Easily add some depth, definition and diva-esque drama to your lash look with a pair of fluttery lightweight lashes that come with a complementary lash adhesive to simplify your glam-venture.

Let’s explore three of LA Colors signature Dramatilash designs.


These fluttery lashes give you that dreamy, wondrous look that’ll unleash thousands of imaginary butterflies in the hearts of your bae.

Thick lash clusters add depth and fullness to your lashes with thin, feathery tips for that wispy effect.

Lash fibres span from short to longer at the outer corners for a captivating wide-eyed look.

The Fairy lash style is great for a day out with friends or a romantic anniversary dinner with a loved one.


These quirky lashes help you stand out from the crowd by bringing all the attention onto your bright, beautiful eyes.

Dense, evenly spaced lash clusters create the illusion of depth with alternating short to long lash fibres forming a full lash look.

Alongside the longer lashes in the centre, these lashes make your eyes appear bigger and brighter for an enticing look that’s sure to steal a heart or two.

The Flirt lash style is perfect for a concert, music festival or any special occasion where you want to stand out, like a birthday or New Year’s Eve.


These exotic lashes are for the wild-at-heart.

Alternating short to long lash fibres that are longer at the outer corner formulate a sexy cat-eyed effect with spiky tapered tips, adding to the edgy glam of this feisty lash look.

The Foxy lash style makes a glamorous final touch for a clubbing look or a hot date with bae.

The LA Colors Dramatilash false eyelashes range are available in a bunch of different cuts and styles for any look, mood or occasion.

Shop the range now from $4.95 and pay later with Afterpay and zipPay!

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