Taking popular culture by storm is a makeup look known across the digital world as the “Instagram baddie”. This look incorporates social media’s top makeup trends and is characterised by precisely arched brows, dramatic eyes, sharp contours, glowing highlights and overdrawn lips.

Although slammed by some for being a little OTT, this look is ultra-glam, photographs amazingly and hey, we all deserve a fun glow-up every now and then!

Shaaanxo, NikkieTutorials and Michelle Phan are only a few of the many makeup gurus who have created adaptations of this look. Today, I’m going to be referring to Amanda Ensing’s video ‘Instagram vs. Everyday Real Life Makeup’ and using the affordable (and amaze!) products from BYS cosmetics.

Even though you queens look fab with and without makeup, keep on reading if you’re keen to transform yourself into an Insta-goddess for the day (and for a portion of the price!)

What you’ll need:

BYS Brightening Foundation Primer

BYS Brow Definition Kit with Powder & Wax Wow Brows

BYS NUDE3 Eyeshadow Tin

BYS Natural Setting Spray

1. Use your BYS Brightening Foundation Primer to make sure your face keeps killin’ it all day long.

2. Apply your favourite foundation generously. Make sure it’s buildable and blendable so that you achieve an even, full coverage – not Extreme Cake-over

3. With your go-to concealer, cover any blemishes and imperfections.

4. Because this look involves a lot of dark pigments and a whole lot-a blending, an eyeshadow primer is a must. Apply generously all over the lids. Set with powder.

5. With a flat eyeshadow brush, take Taupe from the NUDE3 eye shadow tin and pack it on the lid generously.

6.  With a fluffy blending brush, take Caramel and apply in circular motions along the crease. Blend well.

7. Do the same with Chocolate, but this time, focus it inside of the crease and the outer edge more to start defining the outer half.

8. Take Espresso on a smaller blending brush and really concentrate on defining that outer V. Go even further by continuing this with Soot.

9. Repeat these steps along the lower lash line in the opposite order starting with the darkest colour and gradually blending it out with the lighter colours. You want this look to be sultry and smoky.

10. With a smaller eye shadow brush, take Cream and use it as an inner corner highlight and along the brow bone.

11. Tight-line with a black eye liner and then create a winged line on the upper lash line (liquid or gel liner is best for a sharp wing!). 

12. Curl lashes and apply mascara generously. Add false lashes if you wish! (For this look, it’s encouraged!)

13. Use the Brow Definition Kit with Powder & Wax Wow Brows by BYS for on-point brows. Start by outlining the bottom of your natural brows, then fill in the brows with the lighter colours. Set them with the wax to make sure they stay put all day. They’re a key element of this look!

14. Contour and highlight to your heart’s content. A look like this wouldn’t be complete without it.

15. Use lip-liner and any neutral or brown matte lipstick. Feel free to overdraw your lips slightly for the typical Kylie Jenner inspired Insta-pout!

16. Set your look with BYS’s Natural Setting Spray.

And finally,

17. Take some selfies for Instagram and tag us @cosmeticcapital, duh! 

Come see the full range of BYS cosmetics here!

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