Gorgeousness. All of the gorgeousness. All of the French-American gorgeousness, wrapped up in ethereal packages, shimmering promises of extraordinary layers of beauty. We’re trying to come to terms with how much we’re smitten with NARS.

And Jack and Rose thought they had a connection …

It figures that NARS, the cosmetic company started by one of makeup’s foremost visionaries, should come up with products that are mesmerising to use, but they don’t stop there. They go over the bridge, up the mountainside, into the clouds and into those celestial sparkling heavens.


NARS is quality. We know that. We’ve seen it. We’ve felt it. The products they create are good to your skin, blending, smoothing, enchanting our faces and looks. Their extensive range of hues means every single skin shade is catered for. Damn straight. But it’s upon first glance that the captivation begins. It’s how they look. They deliver the whole package. Literally.

Yes, the makeup itself is a joy to handle, gliding on to bring a natural glow, enhancing the organic contours of the face. Of course we’re all about that. But, why can’t we have the whole packaged deal? And that’s what NARS delivers. The. Whole. Beautiful. Package. 

We only speak that COLOURFUL LANGUAGE

And the colours. Oh, the glorious, vibrant and bold colours. For example? Three words. Matte is life. We’re obsessed with their Matte Multiple. Frankly, we’re a little obsessed with the whole range. They’re all about those incredible ingredients, Vitamin E and Acai Oil, and with those cheeky antioxidant benefits, we’re in. So incredibly into Nars.

Smack those LIPS

NARS The Matte Multiple Stick Exumas

Our fabulous lips deserve something particularly special. They pout and smile all day and so of course, they should be dressed accordingly. And for that job, there’s nothing quite like the phenomenal power of the Matte. All hail The Matte. It has changed the lip game forever and it is a brave new world. You have to, HAVE TO, step into it. Vitamin E and Acai Oil combining with a KILLER colour makes this Exumas Matte Multiple your main weapon for every occasion. Oh and casually, it can also bring a sheer, smooth finish to your cheeks. Overachievers, ay? Love ‘em.

Caress that CHEEK

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation New Orleans

What needs to be said? This product is gorgeous in use and gorgeous in presentation. A transparent matte foundation that harbours a clean, smooth and blended finish, is a bottle to hold on to. Tightly. For you gorgeous gals with a caramel skin tone, this treasure will be your most coveted. Forget being a shiny Christmas bauble and embrace the smooth and soft finish you have been craving.

Bedazzle that EYE

NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil Trash

Radiance has a name and we will call it softly. The Soft Touch Shadow pencil from NARS is the wand that’ll have your eyes shimmering like all of Rhianna’s diamonds in the sky. With just the right pinch of sparkle, purple wonder and sheer brilliance, this darling will bring the mystery and aura to your glam look. It’s time to get out on that DF, babe. So you go shake it gurl. Shake it good. 

Come see the whole range of NARS here!

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