Product of the week: The adorable Unicorn Brush Set


Product of the week: The adorable Unicorn Brush Set

Unicorn fever has struck the hearts of many, so it was only a matter of time before we got bit by the unicorn bug too!

We’re infatuated with this adorable trend and fell head over heels for this super cute unicorn brush set!

As much as you try to resist, these brushes are sure to be what draws you into this whimsical, wonderful trend. We’re wonderstruck!

The set contains five excellent, synthetic brushes that work together to become the perfect ‘flawless makeup’ combo as each brush is extra fluffy, super soft and shaped for unbeatable blending.

The brush heads utilise multi-coloured, synthetic bristles that resemble beautiful unicorn tails – Aww!

Synthetic bristles are extremely suitable for use with liquid or cream products as they trap less makeup than natural hairs. They’re also much easier to wash and shed a lot less.

The brushes are controlled by gorgeous handles that resemble unicorn horns, which is not only super adorable, but extremely practical!

The grooves allow for comfortable grip and easy use, whilst preventing the brushes from rolling off flat surfaces. The tapered point of the slim handles make for easier storage as you will be able to fit more brushes together.

The set contains a powder brush for gentle diffusing of loose or pressed powders, a foundation buffer brush for controlled application and softening harsh lines, a blush brush for seamless blending of colour on the cheeks, an angled contour brush that’s specifically shaped for precise and accurate yet blended contours and a blending brush that’s excellently sized and shaped for accuracy and flawlessly diffused edges. 

And if you were wondering our take on unicorns’ existence, don’t be silly…

Of course they exist!

Take a trip to a magical, unicorn fantasy land with the Unicorn Brush Set for only $24.95!

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