Special of the Week: Deluxe Multi-Compartment Make-up Desk


Special of the Week: Deluxe Multi-Compartment Make-up Desk

That huge party is tonight. You’ll be seeing people you want to impress, along with those certain people you’d love to steal the best-dressed / most-put-together title from. You’re running late and you need to get your glam on. You’re looking for that one impeccable palette you’ve been saving for this one, special occasion. 

And you can’t. Find. It. Anywhere.

Okay, I’ll stop with the nightmare inducing scenario.

But you can’t deny that these kinds of situations happen all too often. When you’re a makeup lover like me and you have palettes upon palettes, and a multitude of brushes for this and that, it becomes impossible to find things at those crucial times of need.

Sure we could just stop buying makeup ... but who is going to do that?!

But I’ll definitely agree that it’s a desperate call for better organisation.

That’s where the Deluxe Multi-Compartment Make-up Desk comes along.

*Cue the musical voices of the angels and the beams of gleaming sunlight…*

What if I told you that you don’t need five million makeup bags anymore?

What if I told you that you can organise your makeup into separated compartments, rather than having to rummage through a cluttered drawer for your tiny pencil sharpener?

Revolutionary. I know.

This extremely convenient, compact makeup table comes with three main compartments. A large one that has been fitted with 4 smaller compartments and a well-sized, vertical mirror, an above surface compartment and a sliding rectangular drawer.

Think of all that extra space for you to fill with more new makeup! Ahem, I mean, to store all of your current makeup! #MakeupAddictProblems …

The table has some surface space as well as adequate space between its legs to comfortably slide a chair between.

Choose between white or black for your new favourite piece of furniture!

Keeping your makeup organised will not only calm your mind and make your beauty life so much easier, but it also increases product longevity and decreases bacteria build-up as there’s less opportunity for damage and reduced makeup transfer.

The Deluxe Multi-Compartment Make-up Desk is available for $139.95 and ships FREE!

Or purchase on Afterpay and just pay $34.99 in four installments!

It’s an extraordinary day for us makeup lovers, indeed. I’m tearing up.

Pick up your own Deluxe Multi-Compartment Make-up Desk here

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