Australia is the land of sun, sand, sass and


We have heaps, guys. It’s only fitting; we do have the best weather, culture, music and fresh vibes in the world.

We may as well hold fabulous people gatherings filled to brim with fresh, on beat, on trend, bangers, ditties, art, culture, community and all other things damn decent.

Yeah. Mate.

When you’re all up in the festival scene, it’s great to be prepared so you can have the best time EVER.

We’ve hustled up 5 eyeshadow palettes from Revlon that will be part of your new festival survival kit!

Coming with four shades, they are the perfect companion to days frolicking in the sun and dancing up a storm.

Four shades is enough variety but enough simplicity to make sure your morning routine is efficient and flawless, so you can go shake yo thang in front of Vance Joy’s set.

Let’s hit it!

Revlon ColorStay 16hr Quad Eyeshadow Luscious

Vibe: Woodland Nymph & all things organic

Festival: MAITREYA FESTIVAL (Lake Wooroonook, Charlton, Victoria)

Emerging from the counter cultural organic superfood movement ten years ago, this festival has some mighty fresh vibes. It’s a revolutionary time of art and dancing and immersive visual and aural experiences abound. And, the whole time, you’ll look and feel the vibe in these organic and earthy tones. At once subtle and confidant, this colour palette is homage to the luscious natural world.

Revlon ColorStay 16hr Quad Eyeshadow Inspired

Vibe: Electronic Bliss

Festival: Strawberry Fields - Melbourne

Think huge, bouncing, vibrant and boisterous vibes. Art, sound and creative expression held over three days during summer, makes Strawberry field a very happening shindig. With a diverse melting pop of renowned and breakthrough electronic music from Aus and the world, this is a sensory blast. Your soul will be shook, eyes astounded and aesthetic set to glowing because this palette has got you covered.

Revlon ColorStay 16hr Quad Eyeshadow Bombshell

Vibe: Radical Inclusion, Neo-Futuristic

Festival: Burning Seed (Australia’s Burning Man) - Matong State Forest, NSW

Radical inclusivity, self-reliance and bold expression, the Burning Man movement has come to epitomize reaching in, out and around. A place for extraordinary creativity and exploration, this festival is for the explorers, creators and life lovers. With costumes and vibes ranging from neo-futuristic to edgy organic, this unique palette will have you standing out and fitting right in.

Revlon ColorStay 16hr Quad Eyeshadow Sea Mist

Vibe: Summer, light and all things bright

Festival: BluesFest - Byron Bay

Famous for its extensive lineup, performances, stages and duration, BluesFest is a festival you have to experience before you die. With over 6,000 people camping, bars galore and over 100 food & market stalls, this festival is a thriving, bustling ode to music, community and entertainment. This palette will have you feeling and looking every inch the sensational groovy phenomena that you are. 

Revlon ColorStay 16hr Quad Eyeshadow Sun Swept

Vibe: Damn Fresh, Fine Music

Festival: Splendour in The Grass - North Byron Parklands

Nothing gets close to the bliss that is Splendour in The Grass. With a lineup as long as your hair extensions, it delivers a vibe like no other. Set in a beaut location, all that healthy, rolling grass and the sickest young thangs that there ever were, this is a place of youth, place of music and a time to thank your lucky stars you’re in straya. This palette is the only thing that make all that dance on your upper lids. Now go, be free, enjoy it all. 

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