There’s love and then there’s over your heels, can’t look away, the stars twinkling up a bedazzling bonanza in the heavens. And that love, yes, utterly, irrevocably and completely, is the love we have for bareMinerals.

From the beginning they said, be original, be natural, be good, to which we said hallelujah! Amen! We’ve never looked back and we want you in. You need to be in. These delights are so keen to love your skin they’re leaving ol’ mate moisturiser in the corner looking sheepish.

The babes of bareMinerals and bareEscentuals are the original go-getters of the mineral movement that, blow us down and take us for a whirl, thought it would be a good idea to listen to what thousands of women have been crying for. Crafting non-irritating makeup solely from the most gorgeous natural mineral ingredients, these products want to get real close to your skin and you should let them. This makeup line is the Harry to your Sally and all will end most happily. 

Why we LOVE it

They. Actually. Care. Finally! A brand that goes the distance, along with The Proclaimers, they would walk 500 miles to get us makeup that is made with pure ingredients, unsullied by toxins and nastiness. Every step of the production process has been made a transparent gift. They’ve been honest with us and we love it. With utter abandon we can throw our precious faces upon their kindness and look absolutely fabulous for it. 

For The Babes, The Faves

Bare Minerals Big & Bright Eyeliner
Eyeliner, we know. You have to respect it or you may come out the loser in that tussle. This beauty is infused with a blend of 100% pure bareMinerals, botanical extracts and antioxidants at the ready to glide onto your waterline with the soft smudge tip and sharpener.

Bare Escentuals Buxom True Hue Blush
Winter may have come. It may have claimed the hard won tan of summer. Yes, gone may be the product of sun, sand and being stationary but it will not claim the colour in our cheeks! This gem of a blush is horizon to our dark wintry mornings, with weightless colour, melt-in moisture and a glowing finish. It’s got our back or rather our cheeks.

Bare Minerals Naturally Luminous Daily Duo Combination Skin
As July slowly crawls by it’s a battle to keep the skin feeling happy Jan. The hateful north wind is all about the drying out and we want you to be equipped to nobly fight it. bareMinerals delivers a combo that’ll have you operating like the smooth operator you are. With an innovative formula ensuring a faster cell turnover and antioxidant protection, your skin will be glowing like the morning warm sun in the face of the wintry gusts.

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder
Oh the drama of finding the finishing powder that works with your skin! We get it. It’s either too flaky or powdery or patchy. bareMinerals have done the time to create a powder that applies with ease and has found the sweet spot of colour, immersion and coverage. After you’ve finished the artwork that is the look, you deserve the impeccable finish.

Bare Minerals Flawless Application Face Brush
Brushes, likely as not Da Vinci probably spent most of the morning umming and arr-ing over the brush he’d work with on the Mona Lisa. We know your time is incredibly more precious so we’ve done the work for you. This brush is it. With an engineered density of bristles, there’s sure to be a seamless transition of powder to perfection on your canvas. Damn straight you’re a masterpiece. 

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