What is flashback and how to stop it


What is flashback and how to stop it

If you haven’t experienced flashback yet, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

Even our sister James Charles has fallen victim to the dreaded flashback that turned him into a meme. In case you haven’t met Flashback Mary yet, this is what we’re talking about.

The iconic Flashback Mary. Photo: James Charles

What is flashback?

Flashback occurs when white particles in your face makeup reflect the flash of a camera or mobile phone, creating a ghostly white cast in your photos. Removing these particles limits the potential and/or intensity of flashback.

wet n wild understand that we are in the age of selfies and we need a reliable foundation that won’t fail us on our most Insta-worthy occasions.

With this in mind, wet n wild created their incredibly game-changing Photo Focus Foundation and the results have been outstanding.

The wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation is a lightweight, oil free and cruelty free foundation that evens out the skin tone and disguises imperfections with a flawless yet natural-looking matte finish.

Estela Evelyn Meza wearing the Photo Focus Foundation 

Its highly effective breakthrough formula utilises a light-diffusing complex that fights flashback for flawless representation in photographs.

But wet n wild doesn’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk.

To ensure that their formula really was a camera-loving ladies’ secret weapon, they tested the foundation on 700 women in seven different lighting conditions.

These women had their concealer, foundation and/or powder professionally applied and took selfies wearing this foundation with iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

The selfies were taken with and without electronic flash under clear blue sunlit sky, fluorescent light, nightclub light, bathroom light and at night-time indoors and outdoors.

The results? Selfie-approved!

Maribelle Gomez using the Photo Focus Foundation

Since the wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation has been such a success, wet n wild have also developed the entire Photo Focus range.

Now we have a whole range of reliable Photo Focus products to keep us calm and camera-ready!

Rebeca Manzanares stuns with the Photo Focus Foundation in Golden Beige and Photo Focus Concealer in Light/Medium

YouTube beauty guru Sam Chuawongse put all the products in the Photo Focus range to the test. She gave her first impressions and checked back in at the end of the day to update her viewers on how well the products held up throughout the day. She also took some photos of her face with and without flash to really put the claims to the test.

She was very impressed by these products considering the super affordable price tags. Check out Sam’s video below to see the results for yourself!

Get your own wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation now for just $11.99!

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