Forget the spa and those pesky cucumbers that will not stay merrily on your eyes, no matter how lightly you settle them into place!

There’s another haven in town and that haven comes gloriously and purely in the form of Ahava.

Hailing from the shores of the Dead Sea in Israel, these goodies are made in a place of beauty and they darn well are bringing beautiful, mineral rich, gorgeously pure and long lasting goodness with each product.

We’ve fallen so deeply and irrevocably in love with these guys and since Ahava is the Hebrew world for love, we can only respond with a heartfelt touché.

Why we LOVE it!

Not only are they loving but they get things fabulously done. Here’s what Ahava has banished into the void; Parabens, SLS, SLES, irritants, animal testing, petroleum, harsh synthetic ingredients, GMOs. That’s right, down with toxins, down with the nasties. In a beautiful ironic twist, the Dead Sea is bringing the good, good life.

We kid you not, the first big name to claim the Dead Sea and its heavenly minerals was Herod the Great and he was a man who enjoyed the good life, nothing short of glowing bliss would he accept from his health resort. Ahava has followed in his footsteps albeit with a comprehensive eco-friendly production facility, vision to share the minerals with the world and the goal to enrich your skin with what it’s craving.

What’s ACTUALLY in it?

We’re practically drooling at the ingredient list that Ahava uses and we think that’s a great sign! Ingredients that are good enough to eat - we were thrilled to see that a lot of Ahava’s ingredients could make a delectable organic brownie - and definitely good enough to put on our faces, especially those of our young loved ones. We’re talking jujube fruit, date extract, raspberry root extract, honeysuckle, lavender, goji berries and shea butter being but a faint glimmer of all that Ahava pours into its skincare products. We have to admit those items haven’t graced our pantries in years!

Truth is BEAUTY!

We want to be real with you. Enough is enough. We need transparent companies who believe, inherently, deeply and passionately about what they write on their websites. Their ethos must seep all the way down to how ingredients are harvested. If a product says it’s natural, it should be so, from head to toe, from algae plucking and Dead Sea aqua pouring, to the cap being screwed on the bottle. If companies want us to cherish them, we have to fall in love. 

And for love to flourish there has to be honesty.

Ahava from the ground up, literally and in name, has worked to be honest, pure and deeply enriching; to secure substantial and sustained wellness for those that use their products. For Ahava we give a big aha! Finally and blissfully we have found the one. 

For the Babes, the Faves

Ahava Sun Protection Anti-Aging Moisturiser SPF30

Sun care products have long brought in headaches upon headaches. With a majority of brands and sunscreen products containing toxins ranging from parabens to methoxycinnamate, it’s been an ordeal finding products that can without worry be applied on to ourselves and our loved ones. Ahava will bring the slip, slop, slap like its never been brought with their mineral suncare spf 30 product. As a sun protection and anti-aging moisturiser, you might be lathering it in mid-winter. No shame, this stuff is worth it! 

Ahava Sun Protection Anti-Aging Facial Moisturiser SPF50

Where do we live? In Australia that’s where. And does Australia have a completely intact, thick and substantial Ozone layer? Not quite. Frankly no. While we must contend with an average UV rating of around 12, Western Europe gets to saunter along with 6 at the height of summer. Well, we shan’t despair, we shall get prepared. Ahava’s Mineral Suncare Spf 50 is a great choice for children, absorbing 90% of UVA rays, allowing them to run around in the sun and for your mind to be at ease.

Ahava Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash

We are desperate for you to smell the gorgeous scent that comes from Ahava’s Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash. The lotus and chestnut combination must have been made in the meadows of hope because not only will your skin be glowing with joy, you’ll be smelling so good, the bouquet of flowers your honey has just bought will be indignant! Completely SLS, SLES and sensational for sensitive skin, this gem of a product is the answer to your quest for a natural wash product that ticks all the boxes.  

Ahava Dermud Nourishing Body Cream

We’ve seen enough mud facials to know that it is definitely a thing and it is definitely a thing we want to get into, bar the actual smearing of mud on the face. Where can we turn? We can turn right into the open arms of Ahava and their Deadsea Mud and their Dermud nourishing body cream. Complete with silt (Dead Sea Mud) and Maris Sal (Dead Sea water) this product is heavenly to the nose and the skin sans the ordeal of wiping mud out of the carpet! 

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