Ask any dietician or nutritionist the secrets to a healthy lifestyle and one of the first things they’ll mention is the importance of limiting your intake of artificial foods that are riddled with nasty chemicals and upping your dosage of fresh, natural foods.

We already know why we should be avoiding these harmful chemicals. So why are cosmetics an exception to the rule?

We may think that because we don’t actually eat cosmetics (at least I hope not!) and the chemicals won’t be going ‘directly’ into our bodies, investing in organic cosmetics is of lesser importance.

Not true. *Gasp!*

The creams we rub into our hands, the shampoo we lather on our scalps, the washes we scrub our faces with … The chemicals of these products absorb right into our skin.

Think of a Nicotine patch. A very similar concept applies.

Certified organic and natural – what’s the difference?

For a product to be natural, that means that its ingredients are not of a synthetic origin but are naturally sourced. Certified organic products typically contain a range of natural ingredients.

Certified organic products are ethically produced, meaning they were created with minimal environmental damage, are free of genetic modification or harsh synthetic materials and free of cruel animal testing.

If you’re interested in trying out some awesome natural and organic products but have no clue where to start, we’ve broken down three of our favourite environmentally friendly products for you!

Hurraw! Lip Balms

These yummy lip balms are 100% vegan and cruelty free, super cute and extremely moisturising.

Hurraw! balms are rich in raw, organic ingredients and nourishing oils such as argon oil, coconut oil and rosehip oil.

Completed with delectable scents like black cherry, vanilla, coconut and grapefruit, these natural lip balms are good enough to eat!

They also have an unscented balm, a Moon balm made with chamomile to help you relax, an SPF 15 balm for sun protection, and Dosha balms that are based on basic Ayruvedic Dosha principles.

There’s seriously a balm for everybody!

MiEco Eco Toothbrush

First and foremost, the handle of this toothbrush is made out of MOSO bamboo which prevents the need to cut down trees.

But the coolest part about this toothbrush is the fact that its bristles contain a charcoal reactive ion that allows dental plaque to be easily absorbed. The fine tips easily get deep into the gaps between the teeth for a thorough clean, yet the bristles are still extremely soft and won’t injure your gums.

Not to mention, the bristles of the Eco Toothbrush are more moisture proof and antibacterial than typical bristles. Bacteria, be gone!

Rose Facial Polish from Neal’s Yard Remedy

This weekly treatment removes any impurities and dead skin cells that are holding your skin back from true flawlessness.

Rich in antioxidant milk thistle, aloe vera and wild rose seed powder for exfoliation instead of harmful plastic microbeads, the Rose Facial Polish is excellent for all skin types and effectively revitalises the skin by adding hydration, brightening the complexion and refreshing the surface.

Check out our selection of incredible natural and organic products!

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