Why products get discontinued and how to still find them


Why products get discontinued and how to still find them

You never really appreciate the beautifully existing beauty products we have at our disposal until they're gone ... for good! You stroll up to a service desk and ask about your favourite eyeshadow palette or foundation, only to discover that it's DISCONTINUED!

If you've experienced this scenario, you know how gut-wrenching it feels.

Unfortunately discontinued beauty products and makeup is a common, sad tale. It happens all the time.

The reason why your favourite beauty products get discontinued is a little bit of a grey area. But we've tried to give you an explanation here.

TFW they tell you they no longer stock your favourite foundation

Reasons why some beauty products fail to line the shelves include:

- A brand will over-supply an old product, which fails to meet the consumer ‘demand’

- Only a small percentage desire old products

- Old products fail to meet consumer standards

- To make room for new innovations and beauty trends

- To maintain artistry and professional leadership

- Old beauty products have a limited ‘life-span’ – they may fail to meet today’s trends or complement on-trend fashion. i.e., lipstick hues, eyeshadow shades and mascaras

- Limited space in warehouses

- Sometimes legal changes may affect a beauty product – could contain a potentially harmful, non-vegan synthetic ingredient

What should you do if your product is discontinued?

You can scour the internet for specialty beauty stores for that one lip-colour you adore so much, rely on second-hand information from acquaintances, search for every pop-up-store known to man, or spend all your hard-earned cash on shipping from far off locations.

But we'd suggest you don't waste your time (and your cash!) Cosmetic Capital does this for you! We make it our mission to search all over the globe to find those favourite beauty products and discontinued items from big name brands to more elusive indie companies in bulk, have all of them safely packaged and sent to your home and ready to use.

All at an affordable price to boot!

Start shopping your old favourites that are gone from stores now and pay later with Afterpay and zipPay!

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