Your Vanity Planet gift guide


Your Vanity Planet gift guide

Vanity Planet is your go-to brand for innovative, high quality, cutting edge self-care products.

Their popular Spin for Perfect Skin facial brush took the skincare world by storm as an affordable alternative to the wildly successful Clarisonic.

Then came the Ultimate Skin Spa System that you would have surely seen on your Insta feed, and now they've gone a step further with the new and improved GlowSpin. Our skin has never felt better!

But Vanity Planet are so much more than one product. They have also concocted a fantastic variety of other skin perfecting products and systems, and have expanded their horizons to teeth whitening and scalp massaging. Not to mention their fabulous makeup brush sets and adorable bestie bags that are bound to put a smile on your face.

There really is something for everyone when it comes to Vanity Planet, making them the perfect brand to base your present shopping off of.

For the Mum who needs a break

With Mother’s Day soon approaching, it makes sense to tackle this one first.

Our mums would walk on hot coals for us, let’s be real. They do everything they can to make sure that we’re happy and healthy, but in doing so, they can forget about their own needs.

If mum needs to chill out and have a rest for a change, Vanity Planet’s Groove Rejuvenating Scalp Massagers are the perfect multi-purpose gift. Not only will they relieve tension and help mum unwind as she showers, but they also create a great lather for improved cleaning and promote blood flow to the scalp to encourage hair growth.

If you’re looking for something skincare related, Vanity Planet’s Revive Professional Ice Roller and Plush Soothing Gel Bead Eye Mask will help to reduce facial puffiness and relieve tired eyes and aching muscles helping mum look and feel fresh and revitalised.

The Vanity Planet Plush Soothing Gel Bead Eye Mask is the perfect gift for Mum!

For the stressed-out student

Add late night cramming sessions, unhealthy study snacking and a ton of stress together and your skin is undoubtedly going to start acting out eventually.

With their crazily demanding schedules, students don’t have the time for elaborate skincare routines.

But what they can do is slap on a highly nourishing, restorative Vanity Planet Clay Mask so they can treat their skin as they study.

With names like Flower Child, Wild Woman and Zen Goddess, skincare won’t feel like an additional chore.

The Vanity Planet Clay Mask Zen Goddess remains a favourite.

For him

This wouldn’t be a helpful general gift guide if we didn’t think of the fellas out there!

Even though the GlowSpin and Spin For Perfect Skin system work just as well on men and women, some men might not vibe with the pastel colour selection and names like ‘Bombshell Blue’ or ‘Pucker Up Pink’.

The Black Spin For Perfect Skin Brush System is perfect for any man or woman who wants to try this facial system but prefers a subtler name and sleek, universal design.

Vanity Planet’s Active Whitening Teeth Whitening System is another excellent option for both men and women who are after a brighter smile. It’s quick, easy and whitens your teeth up to five shades in just six 15-minute treatments. Outstanding! 

White teeth never go out of fashion for men and women.

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