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Author: Jasmine Cottan   Date Posted: 24 June 2021 

A special shout out to gorgeous girls with dyed hair. You matter too! If you suffer from unsightly and unnatural looking yellow tones from bleached hair, Fanola is here to save the day!


A shout out to those beautiful women and gorgeous men with dyed hair! We’ve got a new hair care range from Fanola that’s bound to meet all your standards.

Introducing the Fanola No Orange hair care range, a great shampoo and hair mask that lightens dyed hair while banishing any unwanted orange and brassy tones left over.



What is the Fanola No Orange Range?


Similar to the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo and other hair care products within this range, Fanola’s No Orange selection includes a powerful blue toned shampoo and hair mask that enriches and hydrates dyed hair for a softer, silkier finish while eliminating artificial looking orange tones that come with the dyeing process.

Both mask and shampoo are formulated with nourishing botanical oils and coconut extract for a deep cleanse, while fast-acting ingredients bind cooler colour shades to the hair lengths, balancing out red tones and pH levels.


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How does it work?


With the power of the colour wheel!

Like Fanola’s No Yellow range, both Fanola No Orange Shampoo and Hair Mask use the power of complimentary colours. Each product comes in a pigmented blue hue – blue - orange’s complimentary colour - cancels out the unnatural vibrancy in red or orange toned hair dyes. As a result, you’re left with cool and icy looking locks.


Comparisons to the Fanola No Yellow range and the Benefits


Great for creating/maintaining platinum blonde hair


If possessing warm, sun-kissed or glowing locks isn’t your thing, the Fanola No Orange range is great for maintaining cooler toned icy, ashen or platinum blonde locks – dyed, decoloured or natural hair.


Great for toning


Compared to Fanola’s No Yellow Shampoo selection which has more immediate results, Fanola’s No Orange range delivers gradual effects and is designed to colour-correct and balance. This makes both shampoo and mask great for maintaining under or over dyed ombre locks, or just swapping out uneven looking hair colour for a cleaner finish.  



Less drying compared to the No Yellow range


Not only are these products sweet smelling and cruelty free, the unique formulation of botanical oils and soothing coconut make both the shampoo and hair mask require less drying compared to those from the No Yellow range. And better yet, the vibrant blue hue of the shampoo and hair mask doesn’t turn the scalp a deep indigo!


Multiple ways of application


With the exception of the shampoo, the Fanola No Orange Hair Mask can be applied on either wet or dry hair. You can also customise the level of your ‘icy look’ with the amount of hair mask formula you use.

If you’re just balancing out or maintaining your hair colour, we suggest applying the mask on wet hair. If you’re after more immediate and obvious results, apply the mask onto dry hair.

Unfortunately, the shampoo can only be used on wet hair for successful results. For a striking ashen look, we suggest pairing the shampoo with the hair mask, or repeating the hair and shampoo steps.

Do not leave the shampoo in the hair longer than its intended use as this can over-cancel the natural tones of your hair dye.


It’s important to note that you will require disposable gloves for application as it can stain your hands for a period of time.


Shop the Fanola No Orange range here!


Want to know more? This video shows the before and after of the Fanola No Orange shampoo and hair mask.





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Did not work

By: Jena Wyatt on 1 January 2022
I've used this product 3× without results. First time on dry hair, 30 min. NO result. Hair was still orange. 2nd time in the shower on wet hair, 10 min. alittle less brassy but bright orange still remained. 3rd time on dry hair, 45 min. Nothing. Today before new year eve, I'll try again. Don't hold out much hope.

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