Halloween How-To: Insta-ception

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 3 October 2018 

It’s easy to find ourselves scrolling through Instagram late at night wishing we were as beautiful as the gorgeous specimens who flood our feed with their perfect brows, flawless skin and long luscious lashes.

Although it’s easy to forget, we must try to remember that we are only seeing the end result.

Earlier this year, Australian makeup artist Dominic (better known as dom.skii) uploaded this ‘Picture Perfect’ look to Instagram which thus began the ‘Insta-ception’ challenge.


Instagram credit: dom.skii


The trend managed to grab the attention of several online influencers who created their own interpretations of the concept to demonstrate the power of makeup and the hard-hitting reality of social media to their followers. Most notable of these recreations being James Charles’ colourful cut crease.  


Instagram credit: James Charles


Not only is this trend an excellent PSA reminding everyone that they’re only seeing half the picture when they log onto the ‘gram, but it also doubles as a super creative costume idea.

Whether you’re Instagram obsessed or eager to make a public statement on unrealistic beauty standards, the ‘Insta-ception’ look is definitely a good one to try for Halloween 2018.


The frame


What you’ll notice about these looks is that they all have crisp edges to really capture that snapshot illusion.

The best way to keep your edges clean is to mark out the space with scotch tape.

Use four long strips of scotch tape to section off the area where you will be creating your Instagram post.

Be sure to stick the tape to the back of your hands first to lessen the stickiness and reduce the risk of any irritation that could occur when removing the tape from the face.

Apply foundation and concealer as you usually would, keeping within the sectioned off area.


Instagram credit: abbyrobertsartistry


The look


The overall idea is that Instagram makeup looks are typically quite involved and impractical to wear each and every day.

Feel free to let your imagination run wild and get creative with bright colours, hypnotizing glitters and dramatic lashes.

Some eyeshadow palettes that instantly ignite our inspiration are J.Cat Beauty X-treme Access Pocket Shadow XPS103 Pops of Paparazzi and LA Colors Sweet! Sixteen Color Eyeshadow Playful


Instagram credit: drian_bautista


The border


The border is what really pulls this look together.

Draw the white Instagram border with a white liquid eyeliner and a steady hand.

We recommend: LA Girl Line Art Matte Eyeliner Pen Pure White because of its thin precision brush.

Add in the like, comment, share and other icons with a black liquid eyeliner.

We recommend: A liner with a felt tip applicator such as Barry M Wink Marker Pen Eyeliner Black.

You may need to get a friend to write out your Instagram handle. Unless you’re a pro at writing backwards, then we’re super jelly.

And hey, what started as a cool makeup idea turned into shameless self-promo on your face. A total win win!


Instagram credit: elizabethioda


Wishing you the best of luck and plenty of new followers with this unique and obviously Insta-worthy Halloween makeup idea.


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