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Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 30 April 2018 

Just as the old saying goes, one little pebble causes a great ripple in the ocean. For Uoga Uoga, that little pebble was actually a freshly picked berry from Jovita Vyšniauskienė’s family farm in Lithuania.

Jovita and co-creator Lena Sokolovska grew tired of the pricey nature of organic cosmetics, so they decided to do the research, get their hands dirty and formulate their very own organic cosmetics.

From the fresh berry face masks that got this business underway, the Uoga Uoga brand has rapidly expanded, now offering a plethora of different natural, organic, handmade products to effortlessly enhance your natural-born beauty without using any harmful chemicals, synthetic additives or methods of cruelty towards animals or the environment.  

But don’t just take our word for it. Uoga Uoga has been certified COSMOS Natural by the Soil Association for their eco-friendly products and manufacturing processes.

Some of the au naturale ingredients you can expect to find in Uoga Uoga’s top-quality natural cosmetics are natural, unrefined oils, clays, flower waters, Lithuanian honey and herbs, organic essential oils, natural minerals and pure Baltic amber. 

Here are some of the products you won’t want to miss from this innovative, forward-thinking cosmetics brand.



Blush and Foundation Mineral Powders


We all know that powder helps to keep our faces looking fresh and matte. But there’s no denying that some powders can clog up our pores and make them feel suffocated.

Mineral powders create that flawless, natural-looking, even coverage while still allowing our skin to breathe. Phew!

Enriched with amber powder traditionally used in Lithuanian cosmetics for its antimicrobial and healing properties, Uoga Uoga’s natural blush powders and foundation powders are your sure-fire way to achieving that flawless base with naturally flushed, glowing cheeks.



Lip Colours


Uoga Uoga’s lip products are so good, you could eat them. And since they are natural, you needn’t worry about any product ending up in your mouth. No, we’re not telling you to eat these makeup products, but you get what we’re saying!  

Uoga Uoga’s natural lipglosses, lipsticks and convenient lip and cheek colours have been formulated with natural oils and minerals with specific berry extracts to give them their beautifully unique colours.

Protect, nourish and garnish your lips with washes of mesmerising colour provided by lingonberry, aloe vera, blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, cherry and blackberry extracts. Yummy! 



Loose Eyeshadow Pigments


Even those with sensitive eyes can enjoy playing around with the different eyeshadow pigments Uoga Uoga has to offer!

From glitz and glam to bold and brave or deep and daring, Uoga Uoga have got your entire lookbook sorted with their extensive array of mattes and shimmers in neutral, pastel, bright and smokey shades.

Uoga Uoga also make a refreshing Damasc Rose water face tonic, creamy, easy-to-apply, all-natural concealers, primers, eyeliners and an exquisite mascara with superb staying power and a few drops of hair’s best friend, castor oil.



Check out our complete range of natural, organic, handmade Uoga Uoga products here!

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