Concealer was made for covering up dark spots, pimples, redness, imperfections … you name it. But some come as liquid and others are creamy. Some come in a tube and others don’t. If you guessed that there are different styles and textures for a reason, then you’re correct.

Keep reading for our thorough guide on all things concealer!

Which concealer should I buy?

Depends on what you’re intending on using it for.

Liquid concealers are excellent for natural coverage over a wide area. Liquid concealers are also the best option for erasing dark circles. The eye area has such thin skin that moves with our expressions and is prone to wrinkling.

Therefore, a light liquid coverage is better than a heavy cream concealer.

Cream concealers in a stick or compact are fantastic for concealing smaller, narrower areas and are the most suitable option for concealing pimples and spots. Their heavy coverage and thick texture keep the product in place and those pesky pimples covered.

If you’re purchasing a concealer for clarity and highlighting purposes, go for a shade that’s a little lighter than your skin tone to really brighten up the area. However, if you’re aiming to hide dark spots or pimples, choose a neutral shade that’s close to your skin tone.

If you’re hoping to disguise any under-eye puffiness, go for a shade that’s slightly darker than your skin tone. Puffiness is different to dark circles and a lighter colour will actually draw more attention to the area.

How do I apply concealer correctly?

Start by figuring out which foundation you’re using.

If you’re using a liquid or cream foundation, apply that first before going over any problem areas with concealer. If you’re using a powder foundation, set the concealer down first before applying powder. If you’re not using foundation, apply concealer and then set it in place with a translucent powder.

Regardless of which concealer you’re using or where it’s being applied, you should always set your concealer with powder to keep it in tact and prevent it from creasing during the day. This is particularly essential for oilier skin types.

Brushes and blending sponges are perfect for applying liquid concealers evenly. A small concealer brush with fine bristles is perfect for covering pimples and spots. Blending sponges are great for smooth application of concealer to a large surface area. Just be sure to dab the sponge rather than rubbing or dragging the skin as that will just move the product around.

Cream concealers tend to be a little tougher, hence why some makeup artists recommend just using your trusty ol’ finger. The natural oils of your finger help to warm the product for a better, smoother application. Just make sure they’re clean!

Another tip to note is to use an eye cream before concealing dark circles. As mentioned earlier, the under-eye area is quite sensitive. Eye cream makes for a smoother application and will prevent the area from caking.

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