How to glam it up this summer


How to glam it up this summer

Lets face it. Summer is the ultimate party season. Beach vibes, the stunning Australian sun and the excitement in the air all make those summer months the best in the year.

So it’s critical that you find beauty products that will fit those summery vibes in terms of both aesthetic and ability to withstand the brutal Aussie heat.

We’ve put together a cheat sheet on how to glam it up on those summer nights.

Here’s your guide to a night of glam - Aussie Summer-style!

#1 A tanned physique

A terrific tan is a Summer staple. But the last thing anyone wants to do on a humid day is sleep in sticky tanning solution overnight.

Bondi Sands Glo Matte One Day Tan is a super quick way to get that gorgeous all-over face and body tan in just a few hours.

The best part is that it utilises a unique one-day-only formula, meaning that you can easily wash your golden tint away with soap and water at the end of the day.

#2 A fun party palette

Summer calls for a whole heap of different events from small family barbecues to wild pool parties, which is why it’s useful to get your hands on a versatile eyeshadow palette that will fit the vibes of any occasion.

The e.l.f. Party Ready Eyeshadow Palette features 10 gorgeous summer-worthy shades in matte and glittered finishes. This palette has every summer event shade combo you could possibly need from deep smouldering shadows and shimmery golds for those 'make a statement' night, to a vibrant pink, blue and purple for an exciting night out on the town with your girlfriends. 

#3 A glamorous set of falsies

It’s no secret that a gorgeous set of false eyelashes can tie any look together.

But let’s be real here, they can be heavy, they can be messy and ain’t nobody got time for that annoyance in summer.

The ModelCo Magnetic False Eyelashes give you that same stunning lash look without having to use any eyelash glue. Small magnets are attached to the lash bands to allow the lashes to clasp together, hugging your natural lashes for a quick and precise application.

#4 A good setting spray

Keep your makeup from slipping, sliding, creasing and fading in the heat with a good setting spray.

For a glam night, we’d recommend the wet n wild Photo Focus Natural Finish Setting Spray. Not only does it secure your products in place and extends their wear time, but it also diffuses light reflective particles to cancel the risk of flashback in your photos.

Your summer selfies are saved!

#5 Blotting papers just in case

Even if you’ve used mattifying makeup products or your skin never gets oily, anything is possible on those high humidity nights.

Keep a set of oil-blotting papers in your handbag for quick touch-ups throughout the night. You never know when you’ll need them.

The BYS Blotting Paper Green Tea 50 Sheets will last you a long while with 50 papers to reduce shine without ruining your makeup.

With these reliable products, you’ll be singing about your summer nights like Danny and Sandy from Grease. Oh oh, those Summer nights!

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