Say yes to natural beauty


Say yes to natural beauty

It’s natural, it’s environmentally friendly and it’s Lithuanian – It’s Uoga Uoga.

Pronounced like the regional city ‘Wagga Wagga’, and one of the leading natural cosmetic producers in Lithuania, the brand is celebrated for its naturally based products and eco-friendly manufacturing process.

A niche brand that is steadily gaining international recognition, Uoga Uoga crafts their large collections of loose eyeshadow pigments, natural mascara and primers from natural, unrefined oils of the highest quality, clay, herbs, organic flower water and honey, fresh berries infused with their unique ingredient of Baltic Amber.

Products are manufactured and made by hand in small batches and tested in their UK laboratory, ensuring that they are fresh and safe for customers. As a result, the brand has effectively created a gentle, vegan alternative for beauty, skin and healthcare needs.

In 2015, Uoga Uoga was the first and only Lithuania cosmetic producer to receive the “COSMOS Natural” certificate by Soil Association for using certified organic ingredients in their cosmetic products, and/or using an environmentally safe and natural practices in their manufacturing process. In order to certify, any cosmetic, beauty, beauty, skin or hair manufacturer must include:

No Animal Testing

No GMG Ingredients

No Controversial/harmful chemicals

No Parabens and Phthalates

No Synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances

And Uoga Uoga passed with flying colours!

However, this makeup and beauty manufacturer goes further than that. Uoga Uoga has encouraged its consumers to be more organic through their recyclable, yet eye-catching packaging that lists their natural ingredients, personal goals and ethical practices.

And if you love makeup, have sensitive skin or are just a lover of the natural lifestyle, we’ve managed to get our hands on some goodies from this somewhat elusive brand, including all shades of natural eye shadows, natural makeup primers/face cream and their natural mascara.

The exquisite beauty of Lithuania, home to Uoga Uoga

Natural Eyeshadows

Created from carefully selected minerals and infused with soothing antibacterial Baltic Amber, Uoga Uoga has made a selection of twenty highly pigmented loose powders, all of which we stock at Cosmetic Capital.

These powders of 8 shimmers and 12 mattes range from light neutrals, earthy tones, vivid hues to dark smoky shades. As these pigments have a soft consistency, have no added synthetic colouring or harmful Phthalates, they’re suitable for those with sensitive skin.

How To Use

For even eye coverage and longer lasting wear, we suggest you first smooth a thin layer of Uoga Uoga’s natural primer before hand. To apply pigments, use an eyeshadow brush. Carefully dip the brush in the eye shadow powder, tap off any excess at the side of the jaw and apply to lids with a tapping motion, before smoothing the areas.

Natural Mascara with Blackberry extract

Uoga Uoga’s Natural Mascara will be your next go-to beauty essential. In two coats, you can easily achieve dramatic dark lashes as well as any other mascara.

However, this mascara doesn’t contain harmful and synthetic additives nor does it crumble after a couple of hours. The dark shade of the ‘Nets of the Night’ mascara is extracted from minerals, mixed with Brazilian palm and bees wax for volume, and castor oil to encourage lash growth.

How To Use

Using the applicator, gently brush the shade through the lashes. We suggest waiting for the first coat to dry before apply a second if you desire more dramatic lashes. Please note, this mascara is not waterproof.

This formula is certified by the COSMOS Natural Standard.

Natural Primer

This lightweight primer gently smooths your complexion by hiding imperfections and tightening the pores of your skin, leaving you with a fresh and healthy glow.

Tinted in a neutral shade, this primer makes the product an ideal choice for people with light skin, or can be used as an alternative for BB cream.

Like the Uoga Uoga eyeshadows, this product does not include synthetic fragrances. Instead, this primer is infused with natural minerals such as metal oxides and mica, combined with nourishing Aloe Vera, jojoba and Argan oils. Suitable for those with highly sensitive skin.

How To Use

Apply a thin layer of primer/cream to desired areas on the face. Please note, this product may stain clothes. Store in a cool place or refrigerator.

Come see the full range from Uoga Uoga here

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