The new BYS palettes that are just ripe for the picking


The new BYS palettes that are just ripe for the picking

They say you can never beat the original and, in some ways, this is true.

The original is essential, as it sets the scene and lays down the foundations. The sequel then builds upon that base and offers something new. It expands on all that we know and love and adds more depth and personality.

BYS have done exactly that with their brand new Berries 2 and Peach 2 eyeshadow palettes. While the original best-selling Berries and Peach palettes were total winners in the world of coloured shadows, there’s always room for a little something extra.

What’s similar

Packaging - You can immediately tell that the original and sequel palettes both look very similar. Both palettes nurture their eyeshadows within a modern, embossed tin.

The palettes have a slight variation in colour and label however, so that you can easily differentiate the palettes whilst still maintaining a consistent aesthetic.

Along with their similar exteriors, they also still come with a dual-ended sponge applicator and fitted mirror for on-the-go makeup application and touch-ups.

Formula - Packaging aside, the eyeshadows utilise the same tried and true formula. Everybody loved the original Berries and Peach palettes for their longwearing, blendable, crease and fade-resistant formulas, gorgeous pigmentation, true colour payoff and silky-smooth finish. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

What’s different

Colour selection – While the sequel palettes don’t stray too far from the original colour scheme, they do offer a gorgeous variation on the colours we’ve grown to love. The shades are still consistent with berry and peach tones, but the shades are deeper, bolder and brighter.

The original Berries palette has your essential selection of berry shades and just the right amount of neutral in-betweens to flatter any look, occasion or skin tone. The Berries 2 palette expands on that, throwing some more vibrant colours into the mix for a fun and playful accent.

The original Peach palette, like the Berries palette, is pretty neutral for the most part, offering up your essential peach shades with a couple of bold shades in between. The Peach 2 palette provides more bold and vibrant shades for you to experiment with and create a warmer, more delicious look.

Finishes – The Berries palette is dominated by matte shades, whereas the Berries 2 palette offers more metallics and shimmers which is perfect for dressing up a basic look.

On the peachier side of things, the original Peach palette is filled with pretty shimmers, but the Peach 2 palette provides a platter of yummy matte shades.

Essentially, the original and sequel palettes work really well together as all the shades compliment each other. You can turn to the original palettes for a simple daytime look or a smouldering smokey eye, then use the sequel palettes to spice things up and add some more colour, depth, dimension and personality - just like a good sequel is supposed to!   

The Berries 2 and Peach 2 palettes are available for $16.95! Get yours now!

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