Unleash your inner Rebel for a FREE primer


Unleash your inner Rebel for a FREE primer

BYS are the reigning champions when it comes to unique product ranges for the self-expressive individual.

From pretty Peach palettes to pure Cosmic wonder, BYS make sure that all personalities and signature styles are celebrated with specialised colour selections, textures and finishes (with trendy packaging to match!)

And now BYS have finally created a little something special for all the beautiful baddies out there.

Introducing the new Rebel range from BYS Cosmetics!

Bang the doors down and make a scene with body jewels and glitters! Be loud and proud with bold lip colors, high-impact nails and smokey-fied eyes.

To celebrate the release of the BYS Rebel range, we are giving away a FREE bottle of BYS' amazing Face Primer with your Rebel order!

Simply purchase two items from the BYS Rebel range and you will receive a complimentary 45mL bottle of BYS Primer.

The BYS Primer is a cruelty-free primer that provides an excellent base for foundation and extends makeup wear, with added benefits of skin-soothing Vitamin E and Chamomile extract.

Here’s what the new Rebel range has in store!

Read my lips

Three main characteristics of a bad girl:

1. Sarcastic remarks

2. Quick comebacks

3. A bold lip that screams ‘confidence’

BYS have centralised their focus on lip products for the Rebel range. Their Longwear Lipstick ensures lasting colour that stays smooth and free of dryness all day long.

Suede Lips also promises lasting, high-impact colour and a pleasant, creamy texture in the form of a liquid lipstick that leaves behind a sexy satin finish.

Need help in the pout department? BYS have also included a Lip Plumper! Utilising a collection of peptides called Maxi-Lip, the BYS Lip Plumper stimulates collagen production, adding more plumpness to your pout. No lip fillers necessary! 

My eyes are up here

Bring the drama to your eyes with the BYS Rebel Eyeshadow 12-Colour Palette. Full of stunning mattes and hypnotic metallics in a range of unconventional, exotic colours, create a range of bold and neutral looks with twelve unique cool and warm-toned shadows.

Finish your look with some high-shine Lid & Lip Lacquer and a pair of fluttery Double Desire eyelashes and nobody will even think about messing with you. 

Talk to the hand

A look is incomplete without a chic pop of colour on the nails.

With its high-quality French formation, BYS Rebel nail polishes are long wearing, chip-resistant, quick drying and free of formaldehyde, DBP and toluene.

This is who I am

If your look isn’t self-expressive enough by this stage, the Glitter Face & Body Kit will ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

If jewels and glitter isn’t your aesthetic, BYS have also brought out some wicked Face & Body Stickers to help further your signature style.

This pack comes with 50 different self-adhesive decals in the shapes of roses, kisses, stars, and of course, the word REBEL, just incase your aesthetic still wasn’t clear!

Which two rebellious riches will you be adding to your collection?

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