BB/CC Creams

If your skin tone could use some balancing but you’re not a fan of foundation, you can always opt for a BB or CC Cream. They have a much lighter texture than foundation, with some extra skin-care benefits thrown in.

What is BB Cream? – The BB in BB Cream stands for beauty or blemish balm. They even out the skin tone and provide some coverage with additional skin care benefits such as SPF sun protection and skin renewing anti-oxidants.

What is CC Cream? – The CC in CC Cream stands for colour correcting. Like BB Creams, CC Creams also provide coverage and have some extra skincare benefits, but they are mainly designed to neutralise colours in the face (i.e. correcting redness, reducing sallowness, brightening dark patches, etc.)

What should I use? – If you’re in need of some basic coverage, BB Creams are the best for you. If you seem to find yourself concealing and/or colour correcting in your everyday makeup routine, a CC Cream may be best. 

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