How to wash your hair extensions

Author: Jasmine Cottan   Date Posted: 7 September 2020 

Make the best of your salon-applied hair extensions with our exclusive 'How to wash your hair extensions' guide.


If they can afford it, some gorgeous women will take a trip to the hair salon and add synthetic or 100% human hair extensions to create some natural-looking body to flat or thinning hair.

If you're a first-timer to the hair extension game, washing your hair extensions takes extra time and attention to ensure that you make the most of your professionally applied lengths.

Whether you use tape-in, weft or clip-on extensions, it's crucial to follow a set of haircare guidelines to keep them in tip-top condition, and prevent you from damaging your natural hair.



Here's how you do it 


Tip 1: Always brush your hair before getting into the shower


Brushing your hair before getting into the shower is especially important if you have tape-in extensions or wefts. It's essential to detangle any knots before hopping into the shower. Hair extensions and natural hair tends to be more fragile when wet, thus there's a greater chance for your hair extensions to break or fall out. Try not to brush your hair extensions when they’re wet.


Tip 2: Brush your hair extensions at least twice a day


 It's like brushing your teeth - always brush your hair extensions twice a day! Start at the ends and work upwards to the lengths and then to the roots. Then work back down to the ends.

We suggest separating the extensions from your natural hair to avoid the extensions from matting.

Remember to support your extensions at the roots and try not to tug at the bonds and roots of your hair. Always go with the direction of your hair and do not backcomb.



Tip 3: Make sure you shampoo and condition correctly


When shampooing, always start at the roots and carefully work the shampoo downward through the hair. Do not scrub, or rub the hair in a vigorous circular motion while shampooing, as this will seriously detangle the hair. Work the shampoo into the hair by carefully running your fingers through the lengths and leaving it in.

When conditioning your hair, avoid products that say ‘super hydrating’ conditioner, especially if you have tape-in extensions. These conditioners can affect the hold of the hair extensions.

Only condition the hair from the mid-shaft and downwards. A leave-in hair mask may be a good option for you as a mask has greater haircare benefits. Another option is using a conditioning leave-in spray.

When using oil-based haircare products, exercise caution as some products may damage your hair extensions, especially if they’re tape-in. Avoid sulphate-based haircare products.

Try to find products that contain moisturising ingredients or designed for dry and damaged hair.

Wash your hair with lukewarm water as over-heating will dry out the hair extensions. Wash 2-3 times a week. Extend the vitality of your hair using dry shampoo.



Tip 4: Carefully towel dry and brush the hair


When getting out of the shower, slowly brush through the hair through segments. Start from the top and move downwards. Do not rub the towel into the hair as this will tangle the hair extensions.



Tip 5: Dry hair extensions thoroughly


We recommend drying the roots and mid lengths of your hair on a medium heat, in a downward motion until its 80% dry.

Comb through with a wide tooth comb, a loop brush or a tangle remover brush.

We recommend applying a non-oily heat protectant leave-in spray designed to protect the hair lengths and hair extensions from artificial heat styling.


Tip 6: Sleep in a plait


As old fashioned as it sounds, this ensures your hair extensions stay put.



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