How to use colour correcting concealer

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 30 May 2023 

Mastering colour correcting is a game changer for your makeup skills. Here's what you need to know!


Colour correcting is a technique that has long been used by professional makeup artists to even out the skin tone by neutralising unwanted hues in order to ensure a flawless complexion. To the everyday makeup user, however, colour correcting can be very intimidating.

Although putting bright green and purple colours on your skin to achieve an even complexion may seem strange, it actually does make sense according to the colour wheel. The idea is that opposing colours cancel each other out; green cancels out red, orange cancels out blue, and so on. This means you can cancel out or neutralise an unwanted hue by using its opposite colour. For example, using green to neutralise redness on the skin caused by acne or rosacea.  

Once you familiarise yourself with the colour wheel, you can use colour correcting concealer for dark circles, hyperpigmentation, redness, dullness and so much more, and you won’t have to deal with unwanted shades popping out from under your foundation ever again.


Makeup Colour Correcting Wheel

Image: Secrets In Beauty


How to use colour correcting concealer


Colour correcting concealer should be applied after primer and before foundation and other concealer.

It should be applied in very thin layers and only where needed for the best results.

Colour correcting concealer may be applied with a blending sponge, makeup brush or clean fingers.




How to use green concealer


Green is opposite to red on the colour wheel and therefore can be used to neutralise any redness on the skin. This means green colour correcting concealer can be used for disguising inflamed acne, rosacea, red birthmarks and other red spots.

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How to use purple concealer


Purple opposes yellow on the colour wheel which means it can be used to cancel out any yellow hues. You can use a purple or lavender colour correcting concealer to combat yellow undertones and brighten dullness.

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If you are looking to counteract orange tones (eg. to disguise self-tanner or cool down a foundation), try a blue colour correcting concealer instead.


How to use yellow concealer


Sitting opposite purple on the colour wheel, yellow can help disguise anything with purple undertones. This makes yellow colour correcting concealer an excellent choice for camouflaging bruises, veins, broken capillaries and dark circles.

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If you have lighter skin, a peach colour corrector may work better with your skin tone.


How to use orange concealer


Orange is opposite to blue on the colour wheel, making orange colour correcting concealer a great choice for disguising anything with blue undertones from dark circles to bruises and hyperpigmentation.

Those with lighter skin tones may prefer to use a pink colour correcting concealer, while those with deeper skin may find red colour correcting concealer to be the better option.

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