Five of the Best: Cult Beauty Eyeshadow Palettes

Author: Carla Gorban   Date Posted: 17 June 2022 

Unleash your diva with these incredible eyeshadow palettes from the most in-demand brands around the world!


There’s something about Eyeshadow Palettes that gets me every time.

An array of colours, all so perfectly placed and each colour begging to be picked first. I’m taken back to the days of running up to the corner store after school, eyes wide as I stare at the lollies and carefully select my 50 cents worth. Do I go for the sour gummy watermelon slices, the smooth ombre coke bottles, the red clouds, or the gummy hamburgers and golden French fries?

And the warm feelings that this memory evokes is exactly why I believe that Eyeshadow Palettes are so powerful a tool to have in our Makeup repertoire. Every eyeshadow palette has its own place and for my first ever ‘Five of the Best’, I’m bringing back the bright lights, creative colours and glitter-galore that adorned almost all of my school projects.


Rude Cosmetics Sin of Glittony Glitter Palette 8th Deadly Sin


Why have seven sinfully fun shadows when you can have 15? This palette by L.A. based cult beauty brand Rude packs in the best of all the Glitter categories –from shiny disco balls and shimmery cosmic metallics to glittery shapes paired with the perfect colours – and has something fun for every party vibe.

I love how clever this palette is; the silver crescent moons & stars shimmer in midnight-blue, with stars of red hot passion, and the always alluring emerald green.

The Sin of Glittony Glitter Palette 8th Deadly Sin has the inimitable stamp of the essence at the heart of Rude Cosmetics - fun, flirty, daring and unashamedly bold! Whether you’re going to an after-dark discotheque, a festival or a day party, there is surely a sin for you.



KimChi Chic Beauty Teddy Kim 01 Girlfriend & KimChi Chic Beauty Teddy Kim 02 Boyfriend


Reminiscent of cotton candy, these adorable palettes from KimChi Chic Beauty are not only playfully cute on the outside, but also deliver gorgeous, high pigmented shades on the inside. Upon opening your teddy, you’ll find a choice of 17 eyeshadows in one half with two blushes and two highlighters in the other.

Teddy Kim 01 Girlfriend offers an array of cool-toned neutrals featuring cool-pastel pinks, taupes and deep, rich browns, making it the perfect palette for a natural look. Buildable velvety textures for shimmers and rich colours for mattes allow you to customise your look – taking you from soft daytime vibes to an evening out in no time!

 With invitingly warm-neutrals, luscious taupes, softer browns and warm earthy-pinks, Teddy Kim 02 Boyfriend also packs a punch with four bright coloured shimmers which pair perfectly as well as on their own. 

If you can resist both (unlike me!), I promise Teddy Kim’s will brighten your day and give you that un-bear-able confidence ... wrapped up in a cuddly hug!



Beauty Creations x Murillo Twins Briana’s Eyeshadow Palette


This pretty palette by Beauty Creations is all about the pinks! With a combination of pink shimmers, gorgeously soft gold metallics and subtle earthy pink tones, these shades complement each other beautifully and can be layered to create the perfect pink look!

Whether you’re in the mood for something fun and flirty, or subtly sultry, this palette is your daydream come true!



Moira Beauty All That Is You Pressed Pigments Palette


By focusing on luscious purples and rich pigmented shadows, the All That Is You palette by Moira Beauty delivers the goods for a high-impact statement look.

Purple hues are the stand-out shades here, and by incorporating a delicious berry red and blue, this is the ultimate palette to indulge yourself with!

This divine palette features pressed-pigment pastels, rich chocolates and three pink shimmers to add dimension and enhance the eye-catching pops of colour. With colours that are inspired by the favourite blueberry muffin, the All That Is You palette will surely satisfy your colour cravings!



KleanColor No Color No Honey II Palette


A variety of matte colours and velvety shimmers makes the No Color, No Honey II Palette by KleanColor unbeatable when it comes to indulging your creative side!

With 38 highly pigmented shades, the No Color, No Honey II Palette is version 2.0 of its predecessor and includes all the most popular colours of the OG palette plus shades from the entire colour spectrum!

A fusion of bright greens, jewel-toned reds and deep berry purple hues are perfectly complimented by earthy colours like desert oranges, forest greens and Caribbean-ocean blues.

Thirteen shades of silky shimmers complete this palette, making it the pinnacle of versatility when it comes to creating your masterpiece look!



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