The beginning of the love affair with Cocoa butter and its healing powers started way before any viral hit or hipster trend. E.T. Browne was the family company that started it all in 1840, their passion and hope for products that would enhance and heal the natural beauty of our skin prompted them to get innovating and innovate they did.

1975 dears. This was the year E.T Brown revolutionised skin care treatments, moseying in all smooth and sensational, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula came to rest on our skin and we’ve never let it go since.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, is truly made from, wait for it, Cocoa Butter. It’s a super beauty ingredient and melts at your body temperature, delivering a glorious concentration of antioxidants. This process assists in preventing unhealthy skin deterioration and elasticity. The moisturising process will never be so deliciously up in every nook and pore.

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