In 1975, bath and beauty brand E.T Browne grasped the secrets and healing powers of Cocoa Butter, and infused it into Palmer’s soft and sensational Cocoa Butter Formula, revolutionising the world of bath products and naturally-based skincare. It rested on our skin and we’ve never let it go since.

Using only the finest of ingredients, Palmer’s creates gloriously smooth haircare concoctions and skin therapy oils tailor-made to treat and nourish your poor, dry complexion and damaged hair locks. Hand crafted in their personal studios, the brand surpasses all others with flying colours. With a strong heritage and experience behind them, the brand has delivered superior formulations that offer the best results for men and women time and time again.  

From concentrated extra virgin olive oil hair therapies, body lotions enriched with raw and intensely moisturising Shea butter to washes infused with locally sourced coconut oil and vitamins, every nook, pore and stretch mark is revitalised and deliciously soothed until you’re back feeling your very best.

For affordable, organic alternatives to skincare, look no further than Palmer’s.

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