Best Moisturizer For Aging Skin Over 60

Moisturiser should be a part of everybody’s daily skincare ritual, regardless of age or skin type. Because our skin gradually becomes drier with age, using moisturiser and finding the right moisturiser for us as our skin matures becomes increasingly important.

Shop good moisturisers for aging skin from brands including Dove, Formula 10.0.6, Garnier, L’Oreal, Olay and Sukin at Cosmetic Capital. Stock up on Skincare Essentials such as Serums and Night Creams easily and conveniently with Buy Now and Pay Later payment methods, Afterpay and zipPay as well as our Standard and Express Shipping options.

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Which moisturisers are good for aging skin?

When it comes to choosing a moisturiser for mature skin, you should look for ones with hydrating,  moisturising and protective ingredients. Beauty Formulas Retinol Anti Ageing Moisturiser is a good option as retinol is known for its anti-ageing benefits.


Which moisturisers have SPF?

Moisturisers such as L'Oreal Skin Paradise Tinted Water Moisturiser include SPF in their formulas which is great for an extra layer of protection. However, using other makeup and skincare products that contain SPF does not mean you should skip out on sunscreen!


Best moisturisers under $10

At Cosmetic Capital, we offer a selection of great moisturisers for under $10 from brands such as Sukin, Formula 10.0.6, Beauty Formulas and L’Oreal. Some examples include Formula 10.0.6 Total Lock Down Spot Defending Moisturiser, Beauty Formulas Retinol Anti Ageing Moisturiser and Sukin Signature Facial Moisturiser.