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Britney Spears

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When you are lusting for that perfect scent, it doesn't get any better than Britney Spears Perfumes. The combination of fresh floral smells mixed with classic citrus will tease your senses and have the room smelling pretty in no time. Shop today from your favourite perfume brands as well as Men’s Cologne, or find Makeup and Skincare favourites at bargain prices.

A must-have fragrance, Britney Spears Perfumes will have you feeling pampered to the bones. Excite your sense of smell with this Britney collection designed to be feminine yet subtly powerful at the same time. Whether using one or more to create a signature fragrance is what you seek, all options are available for purchase along with all other great scents at Cosmetic Capital.

We want our customers to smell as good as Britney does! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear Britney? Well now is your chance. Fantasy by Britney Spears is the perfect fragrance that will make you feel closer with her each time you put on a spritz or two! Get ready for an exhilarating sense of unlimited possibility and sensational scent sensation whenever spritzing one spray (or more!) out of the bottle!

Fantasy Britney Spears perfume is a light fragrance for women who love to play. This scent offers top citrus, fruity notes from wild berries and litchis for a complex but refreshing aroma that will turn heads as you walk by.