Of course a brand that is known for rejuvenation and healing would have its start by the lapping waves and fresh breeze of Durban, South Africa.

Olay came to be from the mind of the chemist Graham Wulff who had spent years figuring out what really worked. Originally a pink liquid instead of a cream, Wulff had spent so much time and energy into concocting the formulation he was confident to test it on his family his friends. And they raved about it.

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It was such a hot to trot product Wulff and his team were able to just wait for pharmacies to come asking, based on consumer requests. Talk about sitting pretty.

From having just one fairy pink product on the market, they now give us the small options between their boutique ranges of Complete, Total Effects, ProX, Classics, Fresh Effects to name but a few. If we weren’t so used to being overwhelmed with choice (oh my goodness, Bethany, wholegrain, pumpkin seed, sourdough, chia seed infused kale brioche, I so stressed, what will go with the avocado & Danish fetta?) we’d just have to walk away.

But we could never.

Olay. Olay. Hurray for Olay.  

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