How to rock rainbow eyes

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 25 July 2019 

Everyone needs to try Rainbow Eyes at least once! Here's how you can steal the show with this incredible look!


Whether your favourite music festival is just around the corner or you’re celebrating Pride, any makeup lover has to rock a rainbow look at least once in their life!

These looks are bold, vibrant and really give you the opportunity to show off your artistry. And you know, finally use those palettes that you’ve been dying to try even though you always end up resorting to your staple nudes. Don’t worry, we all do it. 

Big name beauty guru’s like James Charles and NikkieTutorials have graced us with different variations of rainbow eye looks for years, but this version by Jannel Reyes is both loudly colourful and super simple to follow along.



We’re following Jannel’s tutorial and teaching you how to achieve a similar look using the BH Cosmetics Ultimate Matte 42 Color Shadow Palette.

We will be using the following shades:



In order to achieve maximum pigmentation, Jannel lays down coloured eyeshadow paints before packing on the shadows. You can maximise pigmentation by using an eyeshadow primer base such as the LA Girl HD Pro Primer Eyeshadow Stick 195 White or by using a damp eyeshadow brush.

To achieve the “rainbow effect”, Jannel uses warm tones on the right eye and cool tones on the left.



Begin by buffing the red shade onto the outer third of your right eye.

Pack the orange shade onto the centre of the lid and blend that into the red for a seamless gradient effect.

Feel free to take these shadows above the crease and really smoke it out!

Finish this eye by generously layering the bright yellow shade onto the inner third of the lid.



For the left eye, we will be repeating the same steps with alternate colours.

Start with the purple shade on the outer corner, apply the rich blue shade on the centre of the lid and then add the green/turquoise colour to the inner third to complete the eyes.

Optional: Jannel adds a touch of highlight to her inner corners to make her eyes pop. Use a cool-toned highlighter (a frosty white or silver) on the left eye and a warm-toned highlighter (gold or champagne) on the right eye.

Jannel lines her eyes with a black liquid eyeliner and pops on some glamorous lashes to finish the eyes.

Jannel keeps the rest of her look to a minimum, applying some highlighter and bronzer, a neutral brown lipstick, a dash of concealer and the LA Girl HD Pro Coverage Long Wear Illuminating Foundation in 647 Warm Beige.



See the rainbow, taste the rainbow, be the rainbow.

Suddenly, we’re craving Skittles.

Good luck!



Watch the original video below


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