Bronzers are the perfect means for replicating a sunkissed glow and bringing dimension to your features. They come in a selection of flattering colours with lovely matte and gorgeous glitter formulas and can be applied with a bronzer brush or blending sponge.

Explore our range of cream bronzer, liquid bronzer and powder bronzer from iconic beauty brands such as Moira Beauty, Barry M, NYX, Palladio, LA Colors and more.

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When looking for the best bronzer online, there are a few important things you need to consider. Are you looking for a cream bronzer, powder or liquid, and perhaps you are rather looking for a bronzer palette? Maybe you are looking for a body bronzer to help with some extra glow. There are many different options but at Cosmetic Capital there is a huge range of luxury to drugstore bronzers to choose from for every possible desire. Bronzer is the essential element to add warmth to your look, but if you are after more Makeup make sure to invest in Primers, Eyeshadow and a good Foundation from trusted brands like L’Oreal, Revlon and Maybelline. If you are looking for some self love then look no further than the amazing Hair Care range from Olaplex and Skincare from Skin Doctors.


What is bronzer?

Often confused with contour, bronzer or bronzing your skin is meant to add warmth to your look and give the impression that you had recently been on a tropical vacation enjoying some much-needed rays.

Contour works by creating shadows, again a different technique for a different outcome.

What is the use of bronzer?

Bronzers are not used to give you colour, like a blush. A bronzer is used to give your skin warmth to make your skin look healthier.

Don’t be mistaken in thinking a bronzer will give you a fake tan – that’s not the purpose either. It is simply to warm up the skin.


How do I apply bronzer?

Working on your bronzing technique is essential to capture that really warm look. Here are the three easy steps to warming up your skin with bronzer.


  1. Tap a makeup brush into your bronzer, then sweep it around your cheekbones and the edges of your face, such as your temples and forehead. These are the areas the sun usually hits. If you are looking for a more sculpted look, you can also run the brush along the edge of your jawline.
  2. Blend in small circles to create a consistent, even look and remove harsh lines. Blending will also fade the product, which creates a seamless finish. Remember, there is no right amount of blending time – keep blending till you’re happy!
  3. With the remaining product on your brush, apply to your nose, chin and neck. This will add warmth to those areas while not overdoing the bronzer.


What is the best drugstore bronzer?

Finding the right bronzer can be an expensive exercise. But thankfully at Cosmetic Capital, we have the best drugstore bronzers that are just as good as the high-end brands, but without the hefty price tags.

L’Oreal has a range of bronzers that will warm your skin with a summer’s glow. You can also find affordable, glam bronzers from NYX, Milani and BYS.

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Does bronzer wash off

Bronzers do wash off just like normal makeup. They can last up to two days, but as they aren’t a fake tan (and don’t work in that same manner), they will wash off quickly.

Bronzers are best used for a specific look to warm up the skin. If you are looking for a darker complexion for an extended period of time, a fake tan from Bondi Sands is your best bet. This will wash off far slower than a bronzer.


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