Highlighter ... We love how a light dusting of this stuff can transform you from a dull and drab crone to an illuminated muse in seconds. They come in shimmery natural beiges, golds and light pinks, high-impact liquid formulations packed with light-reflecting filaments or leave a beautiful iridescent creme trail on the cheekbones.

The twin to contouring, applying highlighter to the areas where the sunlight naturally hits the highest points of the face is all that's needed to elevate a sun-kissed beach glow or a dazzling evening look.

Go for a carefully coordinated finish with BYS, get your glow on with J.Cat Beauty, radiate with a few drops of highlight from LA Girl, or stay sophisticated with NYX.

Simply apply your highlighter to the cheekbones, tips and side of the nose, brow bones and cupids bow, or learn more about highlighting correctly here.

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