How to get lips like Kylie


How to get lips like Kylie

Kylie Jenner is #beautygoals. She effortlessly made her transition from adorable pre-teen to total girl boss / entrepreneur and now even as a new mum, Kylie continues to slay.

Her skin is stunning, her fashion is impeccable, her post-baby body is incredible and her lips, of course, are still the stars of the show.

And even if she has dropped the lip fillers right now, we still can't help admiring that classic Kylie pout.

Unfortunately, we can’t all afford lip fillers. Besides, even if we could, we’re not the biggest fans of needles!

But we do have some tips and tricks on how to achieve a set of full, pouty lips. They might not be as extravagant and as Miss Jenner’s, but these tips definitely make a world of difference. 

But first, lip balm

If you’re going to be using a lot of lip products (and particularly if you’re going to be using a matte lipstick), it’s crucial to start with a smooth, moisturised surface, or else products will adhere to dry cracks.

Apply lip balm and let it absorb for a good 15-20 minutes before going all out with your lip products!

Wipe off any excess lip balm and then whip out your trusty lip liner.

Live, laugh, love and line

Overlining is the most obvious way to cheat the illusion of fuller lips.

With your lip liner of choice, line your lips slightly above the natural line.

It’s very easy to accidentally go from Kylie Jenner to Pennywise with this technique so be sure to return to the natural line at the lip corners. Don’t go overboard!

Darker at the edges, lighter in the centre

Playing around with light and shade is another great way to fake larger lips.

Apply your lipstick of choice (preferably a darker shade) to the edges of your lips, ensuring that a small section in the centre is left bare. Then, apply a colour that is slightly lighter than your desired lipstick to the centre of the lips.

Blend the two colours together with a clean finger or lip brush to really achieve the effect.

This technique draws the eyes attention to the centre of the lips to make the lips seem larger and poutier.

Highlight and contour isn’t just for the cheeks

Those amazing products we call highlight and contour that work wonders on slimming down our cheekbones can also work wonders on faking the appearance of a pronounced pout by creating some gorgeous three-dimensional fullness.

Using a small blending brush or pencil brush, apply highlight to the cupids bow to make your lips pop. Then with a different blending brush, take your contour shade and lightly dust some product just beneath the middle of the bottom lip to further emphasise and bring out your pout.

These tips and tricks should certainly bring more body and definition to your lips without causing any of the redness, inflammation and health concerns that surrounded the 2015 Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge where fans of Kylie Jenner’s extraordinary lips were using suction cups and water bottles to get her famous pout. Cringe!

Good luck, beauties! 

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