The best makeup for ski season


The best makeup for ski season

As the weather shifts, so do our makeup needs.

If your tried and true makeup routine isn’t holding up in the cool winter weather, try out these four tips to maintain a flawless face whether you’re keeping out of the cold as much as possible or planning to hit the slopes at Thredbo.

Tip #1: Use a hydrating foundation

Moisturising your skin is imperative in winter.

Make sure that your routine is hydrating from the moisturiser you use underneath your makeup to the foundation you slap on top.

Foundation formulas that include ingredients such as Glycerin, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and essential oils are the winners of the winter season. Bonus points for SPF!

We recommend Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation ($24.95) as it provides broad spectrum SPF 20 sun protection and hydrates the skin with nourishing oils and Rosemary extract.

Tip #2: Disguise redness with green correctors

The winter wind wreaks havoc on our skin, leaving us with unsightly red patches as it passes. 

A green-coloured primer or colour corrector will help cancel out any redness that’s disrupting your canvas for a flawless, even look.

This is the most effective way to ensure a flawless base as multiple layers of foundation may result in a cakey finish.  

Our two recommendations come from LA Girl - LA Girl Pro Prep HD Color Correcting Face Primer Green ($11.95) and LA Girl HD Pro Conceal 992 Green Corrector ($7.95).

Let’s leave the red-nosed look to Rudolph!

Tip #3: Tame your tears with a waterproof mascara

There’s nothing more annoying than slaving away on a makeup look only to walk outside, get hit with the wind and bam, instant waterworks.

We suggest the Ulta3 Signature Essentials By Elyse Knowles Wonderlash Waterproof Mascara Black ($4.95)

Tip #4: Slather your lips with an SPF lip balm

We all know how unpleasant wind burn is. Not only does it look nasty, but it feels terrible.

A deeply nourishing lip balm with added SPF is your best way to fight off windburn this winter.

We suggest Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm SPF15 Chocolate & Mint ($3.95) as it combats windburn with Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter and prevents other weather-related damage with SPF 15.

“But I have an important event tonight! Lip balm just won’t cut it.” – We hear you loud and clear.

If lip balm isn’t an option (or you’re too much of a lipstick enthusiast to resist!), look for a lipstick with moisturising ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, lavish oils and butters. 

We recommend Revlon Color Charge Super Lustrous Lipstick ($5.95) as it delivers both epic pigmentation and irresistibly soft moisture.

Now you can work a wonderful makeup look all through winter! 

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