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OPI nail polish is world famous for creating salon quality nails! Whether you’re shopping for an OPI nail polish set or a top coat, you will be sure to find a great range at Cosmetic Capital! If you’re looking for nail polish that works, there’s only one nail polish company that surpasses the standard of excellence and raises the bar with its versatile designs and whirlwind of colours – and that is OPI. OPI seeks to ensure their products are used professionally through nail salons and beauty experts. Education lies at the heart of their brand and educated we’d love to be. Offering shades from classic reds, metallic blues, baby pinks to stunningly textured top coats, OPI is the go-to brand for creativity and nail art tutorials. If you are looking for more makeup don’t forget to check out our incredible foundations or makeup brushes, as well as best selling brands like NYX, L’Oreal, Olaplex, Fanola and many more!


What does OPI mean

Although famous as a nail polish today, originally OPI began as a dental company! And it was called Odontorium Products, Inc. The company was purchased in 1981 by George Schaeffer, who refocused its direction to nail polish industry and abbreviated the name to OPI.


How do you use OPI

Getting the perfect manicure at home is both a skill and an art, however using these simple steps you too can master this.


Step 1 – Prep: The perfect manicure requires preparation. Use a lacquer remover to clean your nails of any pre-existing nail polish. Then make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap, and clean underneath your nails. Now your hands are properly prepped!


Step 2 – Cuticles: Clean those cuticles! The cuticle is a layer of clear skin located along the bottom edge of your finger or toe. Use a cuticle softener, or even a cuticle nipper, to remove any overgrown cuticles.


Step 3 – Shape: Get your nail clippers ready, it’s time to trim back your nails and get them back into shape! Clippers, scissors, or a nail file are all perfectly adequate to complete step 3, so the preference is personal.


Step 4 – Buff: Take a buffing block and give your nails a good polish! This will create a smooth surface, and ensure the best result is achieved.


Step 5 – Protect: Now it’s time to get started. Begin with a base coat, to keep your nails healthy and strong. Next apply your favourite colour to your nails. Make sure to finish off with a top coat! This will stop your nails from chipping any time soon.


What is the most popular OPI nail colour?

OPI have cornered the market in on-trend, affordable, salon-quality nail polishes that last. Over the years OPI’s best selling shades have largely been either red, pink or nude.

Famous shades like Big Apple Red, Bubble Bath and Tickle My France-y are still the favourites, but you can always find a new pink, nude or red OPI shade you haven’t tried yet at Cosmetic Capital.


Is OPI nail polish good quality

OPI is the standard salon brand for quality nails, so you can be certain your nails are in good hands when using OPI.

OPI polishes are free of harmful ingredients, while the large brush allows for clean, crisp application. OPI nail polish is just as long lasting as other brands, but the extensive colour range and cult-like following of devotees makes it stand out amongst the rest.

Once you try OPI you will realise why it is the go-to nail polish brand around the world. Quality is assured in every stroke.


What is OPI Infinite Shine

OPI Infinite Shine is a three-step system leading to longer lasting nail polish colour. Infinite Shine nail polish can remain vibrant for 11 days with OPI’s ProStay Technology.

Infinite Shine is always on-trend, easily removed and is available in OPI favourite shades. Even better, the process doesn’t require an LED light that a gel set requires.

Last longer and shine brighter with OPI Infinite Shine.


Does OPI nail polish need a UV light

A UV light ensures quick drying, which is essential for OPI Gel polishes. However for regular polishes like OPI infinite shine, a UV light is not necessary. To assist with fast drying, quick dry drops can be used, as well as a small fan.


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