The best makeup accessories to add to your collection

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 17 March 2023 

Every makeup enthusiast needs some essential accessories. Here's our selection of the best.


When there are so many beauty tools and makeup accessories available on the market and new techniques popping up left, right and centre, it can be overwhelming and confusing to know which items are worth adding to your makeup collection.

We’ve broken down some of the best makeup accessories that we believe are worth a spot in your makeup collection from must-have makeup elevators to game-changing facial tools.


Woman using rose quartz roller




Cosmetic pencil sharpeners are those tools that are often overlooked but are so crucial for getting the most out of your pencil products. Whether it be lip liner pencil, eye liner pencil, brow pencil, you name it, sharpening your pencil will allow you to get a much sharper and precise application.

Fortunately, some products come with their own built-in sharpener, however you can purchase individual sharpeners and double sharpeners for as low as $3.95 at Cosmetic Capital.


Makeup sharpener


Eyelash Curler


An eyelash curler is a must for anyone who values a curled, voluminous lash look.

Not only does an eyelash curler lift and curl the lashes temporarily for a stunning, flirty look, but they are also very useful when applying false eyelashes as they can help blend them into your natural lashes for a more natural-looking finish.


Eyelash Curler




Like everything in beauty, hair removal is a personal choice, but it can play a role in how our makeup applies and how it appears. Just as some people like using a dermaplaning tool to remove peach fuzz which can make products like foundation and powder appear smoother and less cakey, some may opt to remove excess eyebrow hairs with tweezers for a more defined shape.

Because of the role tweezers can play in mastering a precise brow, you can sometimes find tweezers in brow kits such as the wet n wild Ultimate Brow Kit ($7.99) or the Barry M Shape & Define Brow Kit ($13.95).




Crystal Facial Roller


Crystal facial rollers have been gaining popularity as of late for their number of skincare benefits. Not only are they stunning to look at and super aesthetic for Instagram feeds, but these cooling facial rollers may help improve skin elasticity, promote collagen production and circulation and reduce puffiness and wrinkles to encourage a more brightened and lifted appearance overtime. Their cooling sensation is also incredibly relaxing after a long day, especially if you have tired under eyes.

Different crystals are said to carry different properties. Jade is believed to encourage healing, inner harmony and balance in traditional Chinese medicine. Jade is also more resistant on the skin than other crystals, so a Jade roller such as the SwissCare Jade Dual Sided Facial Roller ($14.95) may be a better option if contouring and lifting is something you prioritise.

If you have more sensitive skin or struggle with inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea, a smoother crystal like Rose Quartz may be a better option. Rose Quartz is also widely known as the stone of love so using a Rose Quartz roller like the SwissCare Rose Quartz Dual Sided Facial Roller ($14.95) may help you feel the vibrations of self-love on those self-care “treat yourself” kind of nights.


Facial Roller


Gua Sha


If you’ve found yourself scrolling through beauty videos on TikTok recently, you have probably stumbled across someone demonstrating how Gua Sha has transformed their jawline. Although Gua Sha is only now receiving mass mainstream attention, this tool has been used for centuries across Asia for its ability to relieve muscle tension, discomfort and inflammation as well as promote blood flow, clear heat-toxins, encourage lymphatic drainage and move qi or chi a.k.a. energy which is essential for healing, according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Using Gua Sha like SwissCare Rose Quartz Gua Sha Beauty Contour Tool ($12.95) as a facial treatment can help sculpt and tone the face by stimulating lymphatic drainage, promote collagen production, reduce puffiness and may even help to relieve discomfort from migraines.  


Gua Sha


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