Makeup Accessories

Makeup Accessories

Investing in quality makeup is only part of what makes for good makeup application. A good set of makeup cosmetic brushes, cosmetic sponges and other beauty tools and makeup accessories can improve application for a more seamless and natural-looking finish. They can also make the glam process easier and more accessible for the everyday beauty goer through the use of items such as cosmetic bags that will help keep your products nice, neat and organised.

It is also super important to invest in a good makeup brush cleaner to not only protect your skin from dirt and bacteria, but also ensure optimal makeup application and keep your brushes in good condition.

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Where to buy makeup bags on sale

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Which makeup brushes are best?

The two main types of makeup brushes are natural and synthetic.

Natural brushes, typically made out of animal hair, are commonly used by makeup artists and beauty gurus for their excellent ability to pick up and apply powder product. They are a good option for those who are sensitive to synthetic bristles, but of course, should be avoided if you are allergic to certain types of animal hair. Due to their porous nature, they are able to pick up product well, but this also means they have a tendency to soak up liquid and cream product.

Synthetic brushes, generally constructed with polyester and nylon, are the better option for those wishing to avoid using animal product. They are also usually cheaper and more resistant to damage. While not as superior at applying powder products as their natural hair counterpart, they work best with liquid and creams.

Then there are silicone brushes that come with their own pros and cons which at times, overlap. They tend to last longer than bristles as they don’t typically need as much maintenance. They are also relatively cheap and lightweight. They are non-porous which is good as it prevents a build-up of bacteria and won’t soak up your liquid and cream products, but the downfall of this is that it cannot absorb water the way a beauty blending sponge can in order to achieve a seamless blend.


How to use a makeup organiser

Makeup organisers are useful items for organising and compartmentalising your makeup products, beauty tools and accessories. You can use a makeup organiser to keep your makeup and beauty products neat and tidy, which may leave them in better condition than if they were confined in a makeup bag. Using a makeup organiser can also speed up your makeup application as you will be able to know exactly where to find each product whenever you need it.

Make effective use of your makeup organiser by compartmentalising products depending on a system that makes sense to you, whether that means organising products by use (eg. Face makeup products, Eye makeup products, Lip products, etc.) or by type (eg. Lipsticks, Lipliners, Eyeshadows, etc.).