Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is the essential item on everyone’s mind in 2020. Finding hand sanitizer online is important as lockdowns have made travelling to your local shops difficult. Cosmetic Capital is proud to stock a large range of affordable essentials, including selling hand sanitizer online in Australia. Shop across best-selling brands like DettolReal Care and many more. There is also a natural hand sanitizer option from Sukin. Whether you’re shopping for essentials or looking for health and beauty products like Haircare, Skincare or Makeup, you can find great discounts on your favourite brands, and you can be guaranteed to receive fast dispatch and quality customer service on every order.


Can I buy bulk hand sanitizer online?

Cosmetic Capital does offer bulk purchases of hand sanitizer and other items online. You can read more about our wholesale options or feel free to contact us with your enquiry and we will be able to assist further.


What hand sanitizer should I buy?

Traditional studies have shown that the higher alcohol concentration within the hand sanitizer, the more effective the product. Look for concentration levels of above 60%. It is important that the safety instructions are adhered to, and no product is left in the hands of minors.


What is the best hand sanitizer?

Although it is still recommended that soap and water are used for effective cleansing of hands, hand sanitizer is a great option when you need to clean your hands but don’t have access to any water. Make sure to use a trusted brand. All of the items sold at Cosmetic Capital are reputable trusted products.


How do I clean my hands with hand sanitizer?

A key component to good hand hygiene is using hand sanitizer regularly. To effectively clean your hands and remain hand-healthy, follow these four steps.

1. Make sure all visible dirt or other organic matter is removed from your hands. Hand sanitizer won’t work effectively if your hands are dirty.

2. Apply a coin-sized amount of hand sanitizer to the palm of one of your hands.

3. Rub your hands together, covering all surfaces of your hands with the sanitizer. Make sure to rub between your fingers as well as your palms.

4. Rub continuously until all the hand sanitizer has been absorbed into your hands.


When should I use hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is great for maintaining hygiene on the go when soap and water may not be available.

Use hand sanitizer after touching common areas, such as hand rails, or when touching people who may be unwell.

Don’t use hand sanitizer if your hands are visibly dirty. Use soap and water instead in these instances.

You should use soap and water, not hand sanitizer, in these situations:

  • Before, during or after preparing food
  • Before eating food
  • Before and after treating cuts and wounds
  • Before or after caring for someone who is sick with vomiting or diarrhea
  • After using the toilet
  • After changing diapers or cleaning up a child who has used the bathroom
  • After touching an animal, animal feed or animal waste
  • After handling pet food or pet treats
  • If your hands are visibly dirty


How to make hand sanitizer at home

Hand sanitizer is an important element in remaining healthy and practicing good hand hygiene. But if you want to try your hand (pardon the pun) at making your own hand sanitizer, just follow these steps.

Please note: Any homemade remedy may not be as effective as a laboratory tested product.


1. Ingredients

To make your own hand sanitizer, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Rubbing alcohol or Isopropyl with 99 percent alcohol volume
  • Aloe vera gel
  • An essential oil
    • Examples include tea tree oil or lavender oil
    • You can also use lemon juice, clove, peppermint, or eucalyptus instead if you wish

2. Combine the ingredients

  • Combine the rubbing alcohol with the aloe vera gel in a 2:1 ratio. 
  • Then, add a few drops of the essential oil or alternative to the formula.
  • Stir with a clean whisk or spoon

Some thing to remember

  • Make sure to sanitize your workspace before starting. Wipe down tabletops and clean your spoon or whisk thoroughly before using
  • Ensure the rubbing alcohol is not diluted
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before starting
  • Do not touch the mixture with your hands until it's ready for use


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