Green Lipstick

The beauty world is gushing over green lipstick.

Aside from being a perfect statement maker and a great accompaniment for a costume party, green-tinted lipstick can help counteract and neutralise red tones.

Green lipsticks also exist in the form of colour-changing lipsticks that may look green, but they apply clear and then develop into a light or deep pink colour in accordance with your skin’s pH balance and temperature.

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How does green lipstick work?

Green lipstick can serve different purposes. First and foremost, a bold green lipstick is a guaranteed way to make a statement! Secondly, a green-tinted lipstick or lip gloss can help neutralise redness. Then there are colour-changing lipsticks that appear green, apply clear and develop into a light or deep pink colour depending on your skin’s pH balance and temperature.


Where to buy green lipstick in Australia

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