How to smudge proof your mascara for summer


How to smudge proof your mascara for summer

Lounging by the pool sipping a pink gin spritz with the man you have been eager to go on a second date with sounds fun until you go for a quick bathroom break and realise the humid summer air has caused your mascara to run, turning your ‘hot girl summer’ look into a really bad panda cosplay. So cringe.

To save yourself the embarrassment of this scenario or similar occurrences, it’s good to equip yourself with a smudge proof mascara that can tough it out during extreme weather.

Allow us to introduce you to two absolute life savers when it comes to braving the extreme heat.

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Waterproof Mascara

As its name suggests, waterproof mascara stays intact when met with water, humidity, sweat, rain or tears (yes, you can go on that rom-com movie date!).

Waterproof mascara is formulated with dimethicone copolyol which is a water repellent silicone that will help you define your lashes without having to worry about water disrupting everything. Dimethicone copolyol is actually used in some shampoos and conditioners to help give the hair that lasting shiny finish without the water washing it away.

Aside from being waterproof, the strong formula of these mascaras provides longer lasting results. Its excellent staying power does make it a little trickier to remove but some would say it’s worth it for hours upon hours of gorgeous lashes!

How to remove waterproof mascara

You can remove waterproof mascara by adding micellar water, oil or a dedicated makeup remover to a cotton pad and resting it on-top of your lashes with your eyes closed for 20-30 seconds, allowing the product to soak in before sliding it down your lashes. Fold the pad in half and slide through the underside of the lashes if there is any mascara remaining, then clean up any residual mascara that may have come off onto your face.

Looking for the best waterproof mascara? Here are our top picks:

Tubing Mascara

Tubing mascara defines your lashes in a much different way than regular mascara. Rather than coating your lashes with pigments, tubing mascara wraps each lash hair in a polymer-based tube instead. These tubes are more secure, dry quickly and are much more difficult for face oils to break down.

Another thing people really love about tubing mascara is how easy it is to remove. How to remove tubing mascara, you ask? Skip out on makeup remover entirely and soak a flannel or face cloth like the KimChi Chic Beauty Let's Get Clean Gentle Makeup Removing Cloths ($39.95) in warm water and apply gentle pressure on the lashes. Your lashes will be clean in no time.

Unlike waterproof mascara, tubing mascara won’t always be labelled as such, so be sure to look out for ingredients such as polymers and copolymers to help figure out if a mascara may be tubing.

One of the best tubing mascaras in our opinion is the LA Colors Biggie Lash Tubing Mascara ($9.95) as it also incorporates vitamin E, panthenol, and biotinoyl tripeptide-1 to help the lashes appear even fuller and healthier.

Other Tips On How To Stop Mascara From Smudging

  • Use a lash primer such as J.Cat Beauty Love Live Lash Lash Primer Mascara ($8.95) before applying mascara to make your mascara stay in place and lasts longer.
  • If you use eye cream or other moisturising products near or on the eye area, make sure they have dried completely before applying makeup.
  • Use less concealer when concealing the undereye area and set it with a light dusting of translucent powder.
  • Even if you aren’t wearing undereye concealer, dust the eyelids and undereyes with a light coat of translucent powder to rid them of excess oil.
  • Skip mascara and opt for a pair of false eyelashes instead. You can apply them with a coat of waterproof lash adhesive like the J.Cat Beauty Waterproof Eyelash Glue ($8.95) or you can skip out on glue completely by using magnetic eyelashes like the Ardell Single Magnetic Lashes Wispies ($14.99) or trying out Ardell’s revolutionary Aqua Lashes ($12.99) which utilise a water-activated lash band.

Wishing you a gentle sea breeze, warm summer sunsets and smudge-free lashes this Summer. G2G get a refill of that pink gin spritz!

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