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Calvin Klein

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Calvin Klein is an iconic American fashion house known for their high-quality, modern designs. Perfumes and Colognes have been a natural progression for this fashion forward brand and it is no surprise that their scents have dominated the Fragrance industry for years.

If you want to experience the soaring heights of new inspiration and enjoy the marvellous intricacies of life with a fresh perspective, it all starts with CK! With such classics as Euphoria and Eternity (to name only two), you'll never be short on choices between these fine fragrances. And remember: people will always judge your scent first before ever commenting on your appearance or clothing - make it memorable!

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Who is Calvin Klein?

Calvin Klein was a rebel from the very beginning. In 1968, he became fashion designer for prestigious brands such as Givenchy and soon after created his own clothing line. He then launched Calvin Klein's women's perfume with Jaclyn Smith as its first worldwide ambassador in 1981. Traditional Victorian perfumes were long gone by the time CK introduced a new fragrance collection of 19 different scents to celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2011! The colognes have seductive names like "Obsessed" and their floral-fruity-woody scent is irresistible!