One can't walk into a hair salon or your local grocery store without seeing bottles of TRESsemmé shampoo and conditioners lining the shelves. If you've been living under a rock for the past 71 years, then you would be missing out on the haircare majesty and innovative brilliance that makes this leading haircare brand one of the best.

The official haircare sponsor of New York Fashion Week since 2006, TRESsemmé continues to remain the proud leader of the most eye-catching and boundary-breaking hairstyles in the fashion industry since its founding in 1948.

Developed and founded by leading lady and haircare pioneer Edna L. Emme, TRESsemmé started as a salon-professional range only and a play on the French word 'much-loved'. However, as more inspiring women flocked to the work scene, Emme in response wanted to bring beautiful and professionally-styled quality hair to the working women at home without the expensive price tag attached.

No matter what setting, TRESsemmé comprehends that "every woman deserves to look and feel fabulous like they stepped out of the salon". From light-weight heat-styling sprays, volume-building shampoos and softening conditioners, TRESsemmé's exciting range of haircare products ensure you have you looking your best and feeling at your most confident the moment you step outside.

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