Your makeup guide to Spring Racing season

Author: Danielle Cauchi   Date Posted: 17 September 2018 

Race day is right around the corner, which means time to see and be seen. Ensure your gorgeous makeup stays on point and on-trend this spring racing season with these helpful tips and tricks.


It’s hard enough trying to find a hat or fascinator that perfectly matches your racing day outfit, but figuring out which makeup look best compliments your get-up is just as difficult.

Your racing day makeup should be minimal, timeless and classy, allowing your hair and outfit to really make a statement.

Try not to get too fixated on smokey eyes and colourful eyeshadows. It’s all about less being more and ensuring that your final look is poised and polished.

If you need some help acing your racing day makeup look, put the glitter pots down and keep on reading.


Photo: Colin Gold / TheTrendSpotter


#1 Prep your skin


The natural look. A glam queen’s worst enemy.

Considering you’ll be out in broad daylight come race day, its important to look after your skin well in advance so that the sun doesn’t put your imperfections and congested pores on show.

Make sure you’ve been moisturising your skin to help it through the winter to spring transition. If your skin is truly in seasonal shock, you may wish to add a toner to your skincare routine to rebalance your skins natural oil production.

Ensure that you use a matte primer and/or setting spray on the day so that oil and sweat don’t take over your look. And of course, don’t forget sun protection and a bottle of water.


Photo: Colin Gold / TheTrendSpotter


#2 Less contour, more strobing


When you know you’re going to be out in the sun, go easy on the contour and focus more on a natural wash of blush and a generous dusting of highlighter.

The sun is going to be hitting you from every angle, so its important to capture the light, but reflect any unflattering shadows that over-contouring may cause.


Photo: Colin Gold / TheTrendSpotter


#3 Natural eye makeup


Nothing makes you look more polished than a natural eye makeup look that focuses on definition rather than drama.

Sweep a neutral matte shade through the crease and keep your lid colour light.

You may opt for a pearlescent eyeshadow crème if you’d like to add a little touch of shimmer, but dark metallics might overpower the look.

Feel free to add a classic winged line to your look, some mascara and possibly some false lashes.


Photo: Colin Gold / TheTrendSpotter


#4 Add some colour to your lips


A great way to finish off that fresh-faced spring racing day makeup look is with a touch of colour on the lips.

Considering the rest of this look is very minimal and understated, completing your look with a pink or peach lip colour will give you that youthful radiance and unmistakable glow.

Choose a shiny coloured lip gloss, a hydrating lipstick or a tinted lip-balm to tie your look together and keep your lips protected from the wind. 


Photo: Colin Gold / TheTrendSpotter


Whether you’re off to the races or you’re just after an easy spring makeup look, this timeless makeup look should see you through all your spring days.

On your marks, get set … and makeup!

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