Micellar Water

Make your daily skincare routine even more simple with Micellar Water.

Micellar water is an easy and gentle way to clean, clear and tone the skin, ridding the pores of nasty dirt, oil and makeup while still ensuring that it is left feeling nourished and silky smooth. It is a facial cleanser, makeup remover and moisturiser all in one.

But how does it work? A combination of purified water, moisturisers such as glycerin and mild surfactants. The molecules of the mild surfactants combine with each other to form micelles. Micelles are attracted to dirt and oil and therefore, effectively and gently pull out and clear away any dirt and oil from the pores, leaving you with a cleansed and toned complexion.

Shop Micellar Water from brands including Garnier, Simple, and Skin Physics online at Cosmetic Capital.

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