Can great skin be created?

Clinique was born from that question, a question that had been on everyone's lips. And it was about time the mystery of great skin was uncovered.


Let’s talk about skin, baby

Up until 1968, the skin genetics you were born with was it, baby. But Clinique arrived on the scene to give us back control of our skin. It is now no longer about acceptance but easy and careful management. Damn straight, ladies!

From day dot Clinique has been pioneering products that go beneath the surface, to bring out the best in your skin. Products that rejuvenate, hydrate, correct and enhance.

The team at Clinique have been partnering with dermatologists and experts in the medical industry to gift us scientifically substantiated changes in formula. Each ounce of ingredient and composition has been impeccably analysed to be sensitive to all skin types.


Beauty or health?

We should never have to choose between them. Many of us find joy and confidence in makeup and our skin’s health should never be compromised when using it. That’s why Clinique has such an extraordinary place in our hearts.

Quality of finish and integrity of chemistry has never been so finely connected.

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