Max Factor

Max Factor

Max Factor has been going since 1909. They know what they are doing. Gorgeously, completely and fabulously know what they are doing. In the ‘everything’ department, they’ve poured the knowledge of experts, visionaries and the colour spectrum to create products that are ridiculously mesmerising. Forget actually putting it on. These beauties are works of art in and of themselves. But then again …

It would be a crime not to put them on. A CRIME, darlings.

Max Factor, ergo, Maksymilian Faktorowicz, emigrated to the U.S to start a new life and as it happened, a world leading cosmetic company. Since the early 1900s, Max Factor and his innovations have been responding to the needs and desires of the people.

After casually inventing lip-gloss in 1930, Max and his crew weren’t satisfied to sit on their laurels and went and invented liquid nail enamel, the precursor to today’s nail polishes. Thank goodness. Can you image a world without nail polish? The horror, dears, the horror!

So, innovation can just about describe what Max Factor has always been about. Just a smidge.

Having pioneered the first waterproof make-up to the first 12 hour long lasting no-nonsense, no-transfer lipstick, Max has been supplying the X Factor for decades and they are showing no signs of slowing down. 

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