Cancer Council

Cancer Council

Cancer Council is Australia’s leading cancer charity. Their work spans all areas from essential research to supporting those affected and working towards prevention.

One way that Cancer Council is encouraging prevention is through their extensive range of sun protection products. Their affordable and easy-to-use range include everything from hats and sunglasses to sunscreen in every formula you could ever need whether you require something sensitive skin safe, something that doubles as a moisturiser or a formula that won’t disrupt an active lifestyle.

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Cancer Council are the super not for profit organisation fighting against cancer in every way, shape and form. Through raising money for cancer research, assisting those with cancer, providing information to help others detect cancer earlier, and many other initiatives, the Cancer Council are looking out for all Australians. Cancer Council make great skincare and makeup that are designed with SPF components to ensure you are protected every time you put on their products. Cancer Council sunscreen has been an Australian favourite for years. Shop fantastic Sun Protection products from other great Australian brands like Bondi Sands, as well as other Skincare and Makeup at the lowest prices available online!


What does Cancer Council do?

Cancer Council is Australia’s leading cancer charity. They are the only Australian charity that works across every aspect of every cancer, including research, prevention and support.

Cancer Council has a federal body to promote cancer control at the national level, while they also have state and territory-based operations that handle the research, patient support and educational programs in those specific states and territories.

Cancer Council also sell a range of products that provide SPF protection. Aside from clothing, hats and sunglasses, Cancer Council also sell sunscreen, face creams and moisturisers, lipsticks and other beauty products.


Are Cancer Council products cruelty-free?

Cancer Council products are produced by Vitality Brands, who have a clear objective to generate positive outcomes for communities, the environment and consumers. They take proactive steps to ensure all their brands are ethically and environmentally conscious.

This includes ethical sourcing and product stewardship form ingredients to packaging, along with a strong focus on energy reduction, carbon offsetting and waste minimisation.


Is Cancer Council a not-for-profit?

Cancer Council is a not-for-profit and is registered as such with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.


Is Cancer Council sunscreen good?

Cancer Council sunscreen is SPF30 and SPF50+ and is broad spectrum, water resistant and TGA approved. This gives you the best protection from the sun and harmful UV rays.

It is recommended to use at least SPF30 as this should be the minimum to add a layer of protection against the sun.


Which Cancer Council products are best?

Cancer Council have a range of products that are highly regarded for both their sun protection qualities as well as their design, feel and ease-of-application.

Aside from their sunscreen, Cancer Council lipsticks are incredibly popular. With a range of versatile shades, these lipsticks are a must have for those that are sun-conscious while still wanting to show off their glam lips.

Cancer Council’s face creams are also very popular, especially their range of moisturisers and BB Creams.


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