Imagine going to wash your hands and realising the bottle is empty or going out on a first date and discovering you’ve run out of anti-perspirant. Making sure your toiletries are all stocked up and ready to go is crucial for smooth day-to-day operations.

From self-care to home care, we have all the toiletries you need to get through the day and make it through your travels. We have everything from hand wash, bath fizzers, wax strips and dental floss to surface spray, mirrors and Magnesium oil from brands including Dove, Oral B and Rexona.

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Toiletries are the essential items that you use every day when you wash, comb, cleanse, moisturise, apply makeup and takedown again.

They’re the products that keep your hair gleaming and shiny all day long. They’re the products that make you smell like a meadow of wildflowers even after you’ve stepped off a long-haul flight and it feels like you haven’t washed for years or slept for centuries. They are the go-to products that you use every day and they’re an expression of your self-love, so you never want to skimp on your toiletries.

Fortunately, with Cosmetic Capital you don’t have to. We have a broad and extensive selection of cosmetics and creams, cleansers and hair products from all of your favourite local and international brands, from the catwalks of London and New York to your online shopping cart and then to your bathroom.

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What do toiletries include?

Toiletries, like the name suggests, are the products one usually uses in the bathroom and range from soaps and hair care products through to makeup like lipstick and night cream and everything in between. Basically, if it’s a product that you use regularly in a self-care and cleanse routine then it’s considered part of your toiletries list and everyone deserves the very best self-care products and regime.

Are you new to the world of toiletries or are you browsing to check on any new products and brands that you think could revitalise your current items? Because we’re here to show you what you can find for everything from getting rid of unsightly pimples and other skin blemishes to restoring the youth and radiance of your skin, your eyes and your eyebrows.

Browse our extensive selection of creams, serums and makeup for the best that Maybelline and Revlon have to offer as well as the latest looks from the catwalks of London from signature brand Rimmel. Don’t forget to give your hands and nails the deluxe treatment too with a whole host of great products from the mistress of nail polish and handcare, Sally Hansen. Look after your hair and keep it looking lustrous and shiny with the popular Olaplex.


How to organise your toiletries?

Whether you’re packing for a trip or just trying to bring some law and order to your dressing table and bathroom vanity unit, organising your toiletries is a great way to check which ones need replacing and which ones just aren’t doing it for you anymore. For example, experts suggest that your mascara should always be replaced every three months. This ensures that your product remains soft and supple to use. Remember, your mascara tube is a double-dipper that you probably use every single day so ensuring that no nasty surprises are living in your tube means that you won’t be inadvertently smearing them everywhere with your wand.

Also, bringing some organisation to your toiletries will help instil a regular beauty maintenance and care regime. Keeping your skin soft, supple and full of youthful luminosity is a great routine to start as early as possible. Glowing skin brings lots of light and brilliance to your face and your face is your best feature. It’s the part of you that really shows the rest of the world how you’re feeling inside. So, put your very best face on and look after it with the best in skincare.

Grouping your cosmetics by type is a quick and simple way of bringing some order to your toiletries. Keep your makeup products like your eyeliner and eyeshadow with the rest of your eye products and keep them close by to your contour colour palette and your makeup brushes and your blush. This way, when it comes time to applying makeup, you’ll know where it all is and you can remain calm and collected, and hopefully perspiration free! Check out our range of NYX Australia for inspiration.

Creams go with creams so keep your day moisturiser near your morning cleanser and toners and your overnight products. It’s a good idea to keep your cotton pads and cotton buds with your cleansers and toners too. Check out our complete range of L'Oreal skincare.

There are all kinds of organisation types and styles from hanging bags with clearly segmented compartments for people with little space to pots and holders you can lay out on larger vanities and dressing tables. Or, you can even recycle old jars and containers you have around the house. Paint them, put glitter all over them, cover them in decoupage – get creative! These are your products that make you feel good, so give them the care and attention they deserve.


Where can I buy travel-size toiletries?

Travel size toiletries are designed to help you comply with airline restrictions on liquids and creams as well as save you precious space in your luggage. Once you have the perfect toiletries bag then it’s time to find the perfect sized products to carry with you anywhere you go. Everyone should have:

  • Moisturiser: You can find all-purpose day moisturisers as well as moisturises designed for sensitive or specific skin types. Find the perfect all-rounder for holidays or take your everyday wear on work trips.
  • Deodorant: Keep your armpits dry and smelling of sweet roses no matter what your travel itinerary throws at you.
  • Sunscreen: Cloudy days are sometimes worse than those blinding hot summer days so keep a handy-sized sunscreen in there too.
  • Facial cleanser: Regular cleansing keeps your pores clear and prevents blemishes and the eruption of pimples.
  • Toothpaste & toothbrush: Your pearly whites need time and attention too. Keep your handy-sized travel toothpaste in with a clean and fresh toothbrush and you’re ready for anything.
  • Shampoo & conditioner: Check out our range of hair care including dry shampoo for keeping your hair going for as long as possible between washes.
  • Makeup case: Keep everything you need for your daily facial in a single unit.
  • Sanitiser: Gel or sprays are great for keeping you fit and healthy while you’re travelling. Perfect for quick hand spritzing after using the airline loo!


How to save money on toiletries?

Not everyone lives like a Hilton but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your favourite products, either. The best way to save money on toiletries is to shop online with Cosmetic Capital and take advantage of our amazing sales on all of your favourite brands and products. We like rewarding our customers so keep an eye out on our website for discount offers and freebies! When you’re trying to save money it often pays when you do your research. Spend a little extra time planning what you need and how much of it you really need. Would it make more sense to buy your products in bulk? Buying in bulk often means a bigger initial outlay but you get more bang for your buck. Play it smart, not cheap.


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